Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hello World, I'm Your Wild Girl!

I wanted my introduction blog to be about me. No, I'm not conceited, but it's good to know who you're listening to, taking advice from, looking at, etc.
My introduction to Second Life was a good one. The game was still fairly new. Clubs were packed! Sploders were splodin' all the time. My first hang out was Vampire Empire, or Transylvania. And yes, I still have a pic of my noob avatar! (Sweet Jeebus, it was scary). Anyways...I played for a few years and ended up leaving Second Life for a few years. The last time I was here was in 2008. This February marked my return to Second Life. As an old school SL'er coming back to all these changes...let me say, I am amazed! The best part of Second Life, to me, is the talent behind all the work! I love how much work people put into the clothes, shoes, accessories, skins, hair, buildings, places, story lines, etc. I'm amazed with the creativity and originality. (And sometimes lack of originality! But we wont go there just yet.)
So I come into Second Life (again) as an O.G. Learning about new things. Learning to accept the changes. Admittedly, I hated MESH when I first logged in! Oh but that changed in about two days! No more small bodies and massive air bubble booties on the gowns, (unless you prefer it that way! Which isn't bad! Hey, baby got back!)
I'm taking your hand on this adventure with me. This sweet ride into my world in Second Life. Through my many different styles of dressing. I can be Goth one day, Cyber Goth the next, Elegant Goth, Punk, Retro, Psychobilly, Pin-Up, just depends on my mood. Some days I just like panties. Alright, lets start this shit. ~Gia Nikai
My original avatar at Transylvania! Can you tell I photoshopped this all by my lonesome (waaay back in my early days of SL and photoshop!)? Lol don't hate.

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