Sunday, February 16, 2014

My Sci-Fi Fantasies-Revealed {Future Wave}

I typically create a story in all of my blog posts. With this one, I got a bit more in depth. Curse you Future Wave for tapping into my innermost sci-fi fantasies and making me reveal them here! It's fine though. I so am an enjoying myself. Read on....


Android construction 70% complete...

Android construction 97% complete...

Critical failure detected. Initiating emergency protocol. 752-C...

Initializing nanite purge...complete.

Disengaging tube housing...complete.

Initializing Android activation protocol...complete.

Disengaging Android interface device...complete.

Protocol 752-C successful. No major errors detected.

Maintenance request ticket sent. Android construction pod 22 inoperable.    

 {And yus, I photoshopped my head to look like this in this image!}
 Android-6 was able to continue the process to complete its human-like appearance after the incident...

Surveillance cameras have provided us with enough proof to assume that Android-6 not only completed its human appearance but then left the lab.

Android-6 is considered dangerous due to a previously unencountered error. Approach with extreme caution. Lethal force may be necessary.

"Mmmm....Android-6 achieving perfection. Success."

Graves....I love you. I just had to get that out real quick. Future Wave is only a week long. I know I mentioned that before but there are things at this event that you will not want to miss! Not only the clothes and make-up featured is from Future Wave, my props used are there as well. It's an all around amazing experience and I am so glad that we're all able to enjoy and honest to goodness sci-fi event.
Not to mention...they party it up there! Club Gothika is at the Cursed sim and during the event the mobile unit is active! Here is a schedule of events for the week. Hope I run into you all there!
By the way...that hair I got...get on it! That creator is on a roll with some amazing new-do's and I've snagged them all up so far.  New hair textures and new hairbases coming to her place and I'm so excited to see what she has in store for us!

~Club Gothika's Schedule for This Week~
Sunday 2/16:  8-10pm SLT  – Pie Zipper (Sunday Night Pie.)
Monday 2/17 :  8-10pm SLT – Lokii Violet (Monday Night Spiral)
Monday 2/17: 10-midnight SLT – Bronxelf (The Monday Night Dark and Sticky)

Tuesday 2/18: 12:30-2:30 pm SLT – Sian Pearl (The Futurewave Dance Party)
Tuesday 2/18:  8-10pm SLT – Pie Zipper (Tuesday Night Pie)
Wednesday 2/19: 8-10pm SLT – Lokii Violet (Wednesday Night Spiral)
Wednesday 2/19: 10pm-midnight – Bronxelf (The Wednesday Night Darkwave)
Thursday 2/20: 2-4pm SLT -Cruel Britannia (Gothika After Hours)
Thursday 2/20: 10pm- midnight – Bronxelf (The Thursday Night Apocalypse)
Friday 2/21:  8-10pm – Lokii Violet (Friday Night Spiral)
Sunday 2/23:  8-10pm – Pie Zipper (Sunday Night Pie.)

Skin: [Mystic Canvass] Asrella Steam Skin & Appliers (Project Limited Exclusive)
Hair: =MODA= Sonya Hair Bundle
Eyes: Pin Me Down- Era Eyes-1 @ Future Wave
Face Tattoo: Pin Me Down-Tattoo Layer Makeup-One 1
Claws: Livid : Nosferatu's Claws

Suit: Graves-G460 Velocity - Clear @ Future Wave (linked above) Modifiable breast plate (check store for appliers!)
Boots: MayCreations KINKY mesh latex boots black

Poses in photos 2 & 4:
Posesive Poses
{Rook} Recovery Unit (top photo, right) @ Future Wave
Blue Falcon Industries- Mannequin Stand with pose (featured in 1st and 3rd photo) Part of BFI// NR-487 Android Skin Freebie Box found in his shop!

(special thank you to my 1st Life, one & only love for sharing his nerdisms with me to collab on our short story above!)

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