Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Summoning Spirits, Snuggling Cats

Hey guys and dolls! Welcome to another day in Gia's World. I hope you're all doing well, I hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

This is a month where I just embrace all my introvert and I look forward to my weekends of snuggling and warm drinks. You know, a nice 'Netflix and chill'. BTW...oh my goodness, did you know that phrase there, 'Netflix and chill' means something sexual?! I didn't. Out of sheer boredom, I looked it up and guess what, it means to invite someone over and...basically have sex while Netflix is going in the background. I don't get people these days haha. I am known to turn even the most innocent things into something pervy but that is just random. I don't mean random in a good way either...I more so mean that it doesn't make any damn sense. Be creative. And they ruined it for the rest of us that actually just want to chill while watching Netflix damn it! I guess this is where my age starts showing. Damn kids and their ridiculousness! Lol-
Speaking of, I devoured 'Ghost Adventures' on Netflix. I love it. I mean, I know the guys are silly but that's what makes the show for me. Who doesn't love Spooky with a side of Silly? It reminded me just how much I am in love with all things paranormal. Paranormal everything has been taking over my days lately so, pre warning...be prepared for future pics that may be inspired by my love for the paranormal!
But anyway, there are many things I love about The Pose Shop but one of the main things is that she surely can capture a realistic cozy pose and bring it into our SL. I so love my poses! I hope you've had a chance to check out the Sad November event. If you have, I hope you stopped at The Pose Shop's booth and snagged these adorbs poses!! This is a Sad November Exclusive so once it's going you're never going to see it again EVAR! Lol dramatics. Just go get it. You will love the snugs.
My DRBC top went right with my creepy but cute vibe here. That is DRBC though! Creepy and Cute! This top is on the market place only right now. To my 'goths' and darker people, this is a great addition for your fall wardrobe! With its attached sweater, and the many different prints, you will want this one around!
I will see you all again in just a bit, I've already got a pic going and I am super excited for it but in the mean time, yes, snuggle all the kitties with me! <3

Thanks to my Kuppy for letting me use her crib!

Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Jessica
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Skin: [Pink Fuel] <Crystal> - Morgana - CATWA Head Applier
Eyes: Ikon Spectral Eyes - Wight
Hair: Doe: Quirk - Monotone @ Chapter 4

Top: ::drbc:: moonchild jacket - ouija On the MarketPlace
Pants: FLite.- Athletic Joggers-Black Bats

Props and Poses
the pose shop. raining cats.. // Sad November exclusive @ Sad November
Poison Bottle is: DRD Halloween candle from the DRD Halloween Decor Set

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