Gia's World Review Policy & Sponsor Info

Firstly, I thank you for your interest in my blog. I take a lot of pride and enjoyment not only showing off creations by my favorite designers/creators in Second Life but also giving those creations a story!
I cannot simply stand against a wall and call it a day, though admittedly, I am envious of those that can since blogging is usually a shorter process for them.
I love putting the outfit together, finding just the right scenery in world (or making one) and then finding the perfect pose for it all....all of that plus editing and linking well, it is time consuming. So I cannot dole out 3-4 posts a day like some other bloggers can. I barely do that per week.
Having said that...
I would love to blog everyone if I could, even if just to give it all a try but I simply cannot. My sponsor list is small because I chose it to be. I chose to be able to focus on a small amount and deal out quality over if that is not what you're looking for then I understand. If you feel that you definitely should be a part of Gia's World you can send me a message or notecard in world. My name is the same, Gianikai Juliesse.

Concerning Reviews...
I'm so very appreciative of the things sent to me! Like I said above, I would like to be able to blog it all but sometimes, time just does not permit me to do so. Sending me a review copy (sending anyone a review copy for that matter!) is a gamble. I may or may not have the time to blog it, it may simply not be my style, I might not be able to work with it. My style range is pretty eclectic though, as you can see if you follow my blog. So that choice is entirely up to you!

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