Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Kept A Rollin'!

It may have been my fourth (or fifth or sixth) trip on down to the Rockabilly Fashion Fair! I STILL found more things I wanted! I think I now own every (female) DRBC exclusive on Ms. Dizzy's wall. What an amazing selection and I couldn't help my 'right click/buy' finger from going the hell off. I'm sure most of us couldn't. While enjoying my little stroll around the place, I ran into another gorgeous designer who stunned me with her appearance. Zinti ResidentEvil owner of Skindustrial Bodyworks was making her rounds too and so we joined forces and took over the place together, even stopped in for a quick cone...or two. What a peach she is! I enjoy meeting designers who have no issues chatting it up with the people that love their work. That is her in the bottom picture with me. She is wearing one of her own amazing skins which she is about to release soon! Make sure to hop on over and check out her shop. I spotted clothes there as well and the place is surrounded by other little gems too.
It made me miss my galpal and partner in crime Ms. Z who was supposed to go to the fair with me, unfortunately...our schedules collide and so, well, here we are. I did however sneak over to her place at The Vinyls and enjoyed some time listening to some amazing music.

The dress I am wearing is designed on a mesh that I just adore. There is just something about the way it hugs those curves, no matter if you're walking, sitting, or shaking your arse and that to me is what makes an awesome dress in my Second Life. The pattern on it is elegant yet creepy and well with that, you've just described a big part of me! I'm in love with it.

Skin: [Mystic Canvass] Rocky Skin-Shape and Lolas Tango Appliers included (found at the Rockabilly Fashion Fair
Hair: Little Bones- Temptation (Mine is the variety pack-Apple) At the Rockabilly Fashion Fair
Tattoo: Reckless Lets Cook (Reckless has a badass tattoo at the Rockabilly Fashion Fair but this one is a new one that I just love!!)
Slink hands worn in the pics

Dress: DRBC Spun Wilma Dress Found at the Rockabilly Fashion Fair
Shoesies: {TARA} Extreme Shoes Caprice Black
Necklace: Adore & Abhor (Gacha Necklace) Thank you Anika for sharing the luff! <3
Ring: Maxi Gossamer Black Roho ring
Skully Hair Clip: Yellow Jester Boney Barrattes/Horrible Hairgrips

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