Thursday, February 6, 2014

City Nights

{Photos taken at Metropolis City}

Dressing up fancy, piece of cake. Retro? Pssh...give me a challenge! Dress like you normally would in real life.... *silence*. For some reason in Second Life, I find this very hard to do. In my real life, I am a hoodie, jeans, sweats, tennis shoes, band tees, sweater kind of girl. I play dress up when it's called for but mostly, I just like to chill. Sometimes though, I am lucky enough to find something in game that makes it easy enough for me to get comfy. Spending time in Metropolis reminded me of being back home. Ah, the sweet smell of restaurants, exhaust...sounds of honking horns and annoyed people, sirens blaring, bass thumping somewhere in the I miss it! You might not understand it but it was home to me.

Thrift Shop opens tomorrow. Oh, are you not familiar with it? Many of our favorite creators of Second Life participate in this event. One room, and everything is 50% off or less! Who could ask for more? Plus Gachas! Don't miss this event. I anxiously await it every time. 
Also!...Don't miss DRBC's Chickie Dickies! They will be at the Thrift Shop. The fit on these babies are awesome and they're another part of your wardrobe that you can dress up or down. I love things that are versatile!
Hope every one (even the gals) have stopped in the Men's Only Gacha too. Reckless is coming out with these I will admit, I did say to someone that I wasn't a vape girl but I can't help it! The one I have in my photo above is a rare at the M.O.G but I just saw a picture on the Reckless Facebook page for Femme Vapes that will be at The Big Show! I've got my eye set on a couple.

Skin: Essences - FLF - Olyvia skin *lait* brunette only!
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Hill - Dreads series - Pack
Eyes: {Dead Apples} Twinkle Eyes - Deep

Jacket: *COCO*_BomberJacket(Hands in Pockets)_Black @ Fameshed
Pants: ::DRBC:: chickie dickies - white @ The Thrift Shop (dont use that LM till 2/7/14!)
Shoes: FLite.-Voyagers Studded Edition Cole (Sorry luvs, these were a limited edition thing! But keep updated on upcoming FLite releases by following them on Facebook!)
Piercing: Cute Poison - Clutter Piercing

Vape: .Reckless. - MOG3 vapes-Hash Vape-(White to Green Smoke-RARE) (MOG linked above!)

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