Wednesday, February 5, 2014

She Dreams In Digital

One of the best things about Second Life, is being able to be absolutely anything that you want to be! I have seen some of the oddest things walks, roll, trot, crawl, fly, limp (and many other things), right past me. I take so much advantage of this. You might not ever really see me in any one style ever because there are far too many things that I love. But if you whisper the words 'Fem bot' to me softly, just right...oh the reaction you might get!
This wonderful creation is by FK! Designs, the only thing that isn't is the hair and eyes. I had to toss in my own little customization. From head to toe amazing work! If you're into Role Play, photos in Second Life, Cyber, Futuristic, Sci-Fi, etc...this is a must have for your collection! Not to mention, the price is an absolute steal! Check out my sponsor page for links to FK! Designs on the market place or follow my link below to visit his shop in world that just so happens to be connected to my other fav lil shop!

I'm Wearing
FK! Designs - Female Robot - White
Hair: EMO-tions- Zion Apocalypse

Del May

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