Sunday, March 2, 2014

You Are My Fetish...

 {All of my photos were taken at Isle of Mousai- Ancient Alexandria}

What is a 'Fetish'? I hear people in my RL use this word in some of the worst ways ever. According to an online definition, a 'fetish' is; a strong and unusual need or desire for something. A need or desire for an object, body part, or activity for sexual excitement. An object that is believed to have magical powers.

My fetish might not be the same as yours...maybe you don't even understand it. Maybe I don't understand yours. Nothing and no one says you have to either. Just as everyone has a different preference for music or food, so too do we have preferences for things that excite us.

I have a certain love or, *dings a bell* 'Fetish' for latex. There is just something about the material. Maybe you'll see my photos and think to yourself how I am hardly covered but, quite honestly, I felt completely covered and very comfortable.

Although my outfit seemed built more for a subbie, with its collar and random attachments made to chain someone down, I can only feel empowerment. What is a Subbie? Submissive. I will not even go into explaining that because we could be here allllll night.

My outfit is one of Graves latest releases. It's no secret that I love my Graves latex. I was inspired to do a shot showing devotion, patience, obvious sensuality.
I tried, and failed, to find fetish latex ballet boots here in Second Life. Most of the ones I found weren't updated or just not what I had in mind! I am crossing my fingers and hoping one of my amazing SL creators will see (and actually read) this blog post and make some.
But in the mean time, my fellow blogger friend Alisa recently alerted us all to a great deal on these ballet shoes she recently blogged. A two for one! Perfect to show patience, devotion, sensuality, and a touch of innocence and vulnerability. I adore them!

What is your fetish?

Skin: :[ Al Vulo! ] - [Celestial] - [Soft and purple Milk TDR] @ The Dressing Room
Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Stella V2 Hair [1]
Hairbase: AITUI - 5 Etched Hair Bases - Monumentum
Lips: Pink Fuel- Classic Pout Lipstick-Red
Eyes: .ID. Portrait Eyes - Gray
Feet: JD - MyFeet - Tip Toe

Latex suit: Graves- G465 Delta Dress (includes everything from neck to ankle)
Shoes: Azoury - Chromatics - Ballet Heels Shoe (Black and Red)

Top 2 photos: Del May- extinguishable
Bottom photo: Posesion reverse 7

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