Monday, May 19, 2014

Victims Among Friends

{Taken at Hangars Liquides}

Impromptu bloggage! Some of the events I've had the pleasure of blogging are amazing in every way EXCEPT, some of them are too darn short! That was my feelings with The Fantasy Faire that just recently came to an end. So many things I would love to show and not enough time to show it all.
One of the outfits I was looking at and frowning as I was going to stow it away is by Gauze....but coincidentally, a good friend of mine messages me and tells me she is blogging it, she recently joined their blogger team. When she asked me to join her, It made me all giddy! An amazing outfit that could be taken and dressed up in many ways but we decided to give ours a cyber-goth touch. 
To see what my loverly Kupcake is wearing, check out her blog!

Back in a bit with some more amazingness!

Skin: Essences - Siggy TDRF02 *light rose* @ TDR
Hair: [taketomi]_Arata_Bento [Sampler Pack]
Eyes: =Razorblade Jacket= [Animated] The Deep Eye
Bewbs (Yay Kupcake helped me with my bewb job!): Lolas ::: Tango Mirage
Face Paint: Pin Me Down - Erius in violet 4 @ World Goth Fair

Head to Toe: [Gauze] Fenrir Armor Set - Female (Twilight)
Collar: {MV} Widower Collar Onyx

Label Motion- I'm Too Cute Pose 4

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