Friday, January 16, 2015

Goth Urbano!

 {Taken At City of Harrison}

The past few has just so happened that I have run into a cluster f<3ck of goth issues. Such as..well I went to a lil event for SLGoth. I had fun meeting new people, meeting up with friends, dancing, listening to music and chatting the night away. That wasn't one of my issues, but it was something goth I ran into haha...anyway though, so I had to blog a few things and I am trying DESPERATELY to find certain gothy things on the market place, to NO avail! 
I'm in conversations with friends and they're saying, well look here and there but 'make sure its not noob goth'. Why is goth in SL still noob? Why hasn't it evolved as the rest of SL evolved into bigger and better things. Mesh bringing us a whole other world of gorgeous opportunities! Mesh body parts making vampires and all the other darkly/pale/other worldly beings of our goth nation so fun to play with now! There's no need need at all to wear fangs painted on bottom lips anymore! YaaaaaaaaaaaaaaY lets celebrate! Now don't get me wrong, I'm not making fun of those that still do. I know some of you hang tight to them for whatever reasons have you...sentimental or whatnot. But..why not evolve?! Second Life has given us opportunities to grow, to build, to change things and make it our world. I think that's awesome! 
I can't say that ALL of the goth nation has been delayed. Some have indeed evolved, embraced the age of the MESH/HUDS/EVENTS and everything else and brought us some amazing things! I'm so thankful for them! I try to feature a little bit of all styles that catch my attention but when I find some good quality bet your sweet mesh ass it shall be a part of Gia's World!
I get excited to see people from my early goth days in SL doing new things and participating in events! A lot of them have some really good skill with texturing because that was what we had to work with back then. I hope to see many, many more!
Alright, I am off for now but will be back soon with a post I am super excited about! Until then, happy shopping loves! <3

Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V2.1

Skin: DeeTaleZ Skin A.T.W. Megan [Brows2] Nordic
Hair: [taketomi]_HyoRin_Blacks
Mani: :AC: Dots N Stripes Nails - Fingernails (For Maitreya Mesh Body!!)

Top & Skirt: ::drbc:: serena with hud - noir pack
Boots: REIGN.- Quinn Boots- Black
Collar: [ bubble ] Choker -All in One (RARE) @ OMGacha!

Purse: #Forever Famous Coven: The Six Feet Under Bag
Shades: MiWardrobe - My glasses addiction - Black - MW - B
Ring::::LP::: CandleBright_Rings

grafica ~ ionawr (10 pose set) @ Pose Me Amazing!

Oh and...I love her accent and totally agree with this chic here

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