Friday, September 19, 2014


{Top photo taken at Rossers Landing bottom was at my lil platform}

Did you all make it to A Clockwork Spiral yet? If not, get to it! There's soooo much to show you all and two weeks just isn't enough time in Gia's World! Another one of my favs was this avatar set by Fallen Gods Inc. With such a complete set up, It made my blogging life super simple. It includes the dress of course, shoes, skin, hair, gloves, top hat, brolly and shape (however I used my own in these photos). 
While I was out and about, I had a fellow SL'er send me a portrait she took of me while I was AFK. She found the look to be quite interesting. The look made me feel very statuesque, not doll-like but still coin-operated. 
My bottom photo is unedited! *GASP* not a touch of photoshop on it.  I just feel like messing with it at all was unnecessary. The goodies in the bottom pic are located at A Clockwork Spiral too (with the exception of a couple, the girls portrait and the small suitcase). All by 22769 ~ [Bauwerk] which never cease to amaze me with their creativity and originality and quality! (Yas, I fan girl them).
Okay okay, enough of my ramblings. Just make sure to hit up A Clockwork Spiral and have a ball. It'll only be around till October 1st and then you have another year to wait!

ANNA full avatar + Fallen Gods Inc. @ A Clockwork Spiral

top: (marukin) [light] Daisy
Bottom: Custom made with AnyPose

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Grammophon @ A Clockwork Spiral (linked above)
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Trunk Table
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Hatstand
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Clef
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Around the World in one Day Rug
LISP -  (suitcase only)
::Squeek!:: Clockwork child-original drawing (might have been event exclusive but other awesome paintings are available at the shop)

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