Saturday, October 19, 2013

Vampiric Vixen

~*I can help you change tired moments into pleasure. Say the word and we'll be well upon our way...*~

What I loved about the entire outfit is the feeling that it exudes. The wonderful detail on this dress! Was I ready to take over the night? Yes. Boots laced up tight, dress smooth and hugging every curve just right. The night was mine.

"The Toreador are some of the most beautiful and glamorous of the Kindred. Famous (and infamous) as a clan of artists and innovators they are one of the bastions of the Camarilla, as their very survival depends on the facades of civility and grace on which the sect prides itself."

For my fellow Kindred family.

Hair: taketomi- Hana-Blacks
Skin: [Mystic Canvass]-Evian Skin

Dress: DRBC- Vixen Dress w/ Tango Applier in Matte Rouge (Promo price)
Shoes: TARA Shoes- Absolute Delirium HStrap Shoes Black

Necklace: Maxi Gossamer- Shadow Cross
Bracelet: Just You Jewels- Darkness Girl
Ciggie: CatniP- Ciggys Box

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