Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dia De Los Muertos

Mi querida raza...My apologies for not posting sooner but as anyone who knows sweet dear old me, Halloween, is followed with Dia De Los Muertos, both cherished celebrations that I  hold dear to my heart. It seems Day of the Dead has gained popularity and many seem to think of sugar skulls and that sort of fashion show...but I hold it sacred. It's a time to remember my loved ones at a whole other level, as if they were going to join you again for a few days. I usually celebrate it by bringing out belongings (even as small as hats, clothing, etc), the blessed candles, their favorite comidas (foods) and surrounding myself with wonderful memories of what life was like when they were here by playing some of their favorite music and placing pictures near the candles. It is also a time when I am proud to show my roots. I always am, but times when you can celebrate things others might not ever truly understand..well, that just gives this Chicana so much pride!

My celebration for the past few years has surrounded my brother who passed away in 2011. With his passing, he took a part of me with him. Many tears were shed these past few days, but so were many smiles remembering his silly ass. I love you Jonce <3

Skin: LAQ Elena [Pale] Glow Skin #10
Hair: EMO-tions Geraldine B+W Pack (Black)
Hair Roses: CaTwA Gayaa Rose Flower
Face Make Up: [sauce] Firebird Sugarskull make-up
Nails: Endless Pain Tattoos Skull-Ring-Nails

Mi Equipo:
Dress: DRBC 24 Event Dia De Los Muertos Exclusive!
Necklace: Sn@tch Borderline Pearls
Bracelets: (Left hand) {me.} Skull necklace & Bracelet Silver
(Right hand) LOULOU & CO Bracelets Dulce Muerte V.1

This song here is for my bro...

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