Saturday, November 16, 2013

For the Love of Tentacles...

 {All Pics Taken at the Lovecraft Festival}

You may or may not be familiar with his work. If you are not, then the clothing I am wearing above may seem rather bizarre to you. If you are, then you're probably smiling. The sim is quite a site with an all out Lovecraft set up. Careful where you're walking because there are tentacles galore! Take your time to look around and see what lovely creations the imaginative designers of our Second Life have come up with. But steer clear of the water! My friend Dante and I wandered over to take a look at a lighthouse. I became curious and next I knew, I was being taken down several leagues below the sea and then left to rot in the tentacles of some sea creature! Perfect ending for my visit at the Lovecraft Festival! It ends Sunday! The events for Saturday are as follows: 
12-2pm - Renowned DJ Bcreative Wilde Heart spins at the Big Top on the Festival grounds 1000L$ for best in Steam Punk! Later, 6pm Saturday- Tribute performance for Cradle of Filth provided by Bad Ampitude.
Sunday: 7pm Closing Ceremonies - Festival Big Top! All at the Lovecraft Festival linked under my photos!

Skin: (top 2 photos) [Mystic Canvass] Yamille Skins and Bonus Shape (On Sale Right now for 99L! 1L Lola Appliers! Sale ends November 30th!)
(Bottom Pic) Skindustrial Bodyworks Nadya Skin-Vanille (Includes ALL appliers +Phat Azz) With many make-up options.
Hair (top pics): Alice Project Delirium Black/Green (in store gatcha 50L per play!)
(bottom) D!va Layla Onyx

Both dresses are from: Skindustrial Bodyworks but found at the Lovecraft Festival. (check links above) Top dress featured is called: Tentacled Lolita Dress. Mesh. Includes tentacle hair pin. Bottom dress is called: Black & White Lovecraft outfit
Shoes: Darkware Poison Heels-Green
(Bottom pic) Lassitude & Ennui Selene Boots-Black
Necklace (top pic) Zombie Suicide Octo necklace-Black

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