Sunday, November 10, 2013

Good Times...

{Pics taken at one of my favs! Artilleri}

I can't really explain to you my little obsession with the 50's era. When I was younger, my mom and my Tia (that's Aunt in Spanish), took me riding around their hometown, telling me stories of 'back when'. Old boyfriends, tragic endings, hair-do's, dances. They were blasting oldies music. I mean some of the classics. I wont go into naming them all because we were doing this for a few hours. There's something about that day that I hold dear to me. I didn't fall in love with the 50's era that day, it was long before that...but that day, I felt like I had actually lived it briefly! (Hey, if you knew how ghost town their home town is, you would have felt it too!) The era was pure. Romance was at another level. Chivalry, kindness, hard work, family...those seem to be things that have faded right along with the class that the men and women of the era had and portrayed even in their daily wardrobe. I know there are still the rare few that try and hang on to that with every bit of their soul. I am one of them. As creepy and kooky as I am, the 50's housewife was strongly instilled in me thanks to my upbringing. My Second Life reflects it just the same sometimes. Here's to old times and keeping old traditions alive!

Skin: Birdy Devon Skin-Porcelaine (Frost) 
Hair: Dura Girl 51 Black*New* Dura on the Market Place!
Make-Up: Birdy- Lipstick-Reds and Birdy VIP Eyeliner (linked above)
Slink Hands and Feet

Dress: DRBC Petra Dress-Square Peg (Soon to be released!!) DRBC on the Market Place!
Shoesies: Slink (linked above): Glitter Peeptoes (Red) Slink feet needed to wear these!
Necklace: Izzie's 50's Pearl Necklace (Red)

Phone: Olive Juice-Call me
Standing Pose: Ploom-Ploom Poses Dainty Ploom on the Market Place!

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