Monday, November 11, 2013

"Who Is This Irrisistable Creature Who Has An Insatiable Love For The Dead?"

{All photos taken at the Deadpool sim}

I have a confession (and to all of you that know me personally, you shhh, I know you already know this!) I am sort of in LOVE with horror! It's rather catchy nowadays. You don't run into many people that will openly admit to not liking horror movies. The difference is, I live and breathe Horror. I celebrate Halloween year round. My place is decorated in it 365 days a year. So when my dear friend Guen shared a lovely sim with me, I couldn't help but explore the place. 
Oh the evil little sights made my heart skip several beats! Now, if you plan on going, you should plan on packing some heat! (But you don't have to. The zombies will come at you but wont do damage) There are games and a beautiful labyrinth and if you join their group, you can enjoy zombie shooting. Who doesn't love a lil zombie shooting? Beyond all the horror, there are beautiful sights as well. There are carousels, birds eating a rotted corpse, and if you pass them all and get to the building in the've found a real gem. A wonderfully hidden little place for some very interesting photos. Also available is the Deadpool Fashion line which helps keep this fabulous place up and running. I am wearing their lovely made corset in my photos. Make sure to head on over to get in your zombie, horror, evil clown, circus, funny amusement park ride fix and check out their shops while you're there!

Skin: Birdy Devon Skin-Porcelaine (Frost) 
Hair: Ploom Billie-Dipped and Penny-Dipped 2 Were both Used
Lipstick: Love Zombie Sinful Lips Trio (Toxic)
Eyeliner: Damned CatEyes MakeUp
Slink Hands used

Outfit: Deadpool Suicide Stitching Lovely DoD (includes Lola Applier!) Sizes XXS-Large, Mesh.
Shoesies: (I combined DRD's boots that come with their Bootleg Horror Vintage Pants and a random boot mesh I had) I also wore heels with this and it looked quite lovely.
Jewelry: A&Y Bunker CyberCity Toxic set Jewelry. Bracelet and Collar.
Ring: AdN Designs CrossRings Studs (it is a part of an outfit called 'Telephone')
Gun (on leg) DirtyLand Gun Holster Total Black
Guns in Hands: Focus Poses Gun Poses-Includes Gun. (And the poses I used in the first and second picture were also from this)

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