Saturday, December 7, 2013

I Got It On Lockdown

Have you made it down to The Boobies Show yet? It started today! Elska's got some pretty awesome tattoo's that are boobie friendly. This one I am wearing is called 'Love Lockdown' and I thought it was pretty accurate in defining some personal thoughts for me today. So I wear it with pride and symbolism. I got this on lock down. Always.
Make sure to head over to The Boobies Show to get yourself inked up Elska style!

Skin: Birdy Blair Skin ~Pure~ Chelsea @ The Arcade Gacha Events
Hair: MODA Chloe Hair (Bundle) @ The Jewelry & Accessory Expo
Eyeliner: Damned Cat Eyes MakeUp
Tattoo: Elska- Love Lockdown @ The Boobies Show
Slink hands and feet are used in the photos.
Lola's Tango Mesh Breasts (updated)

Top: Bishes Inc. Satin Top-Black @ The Boobies Show (linked above)
Arm Warmers: Cashmere Fur Sleeves (Greyscale) @ The Jewelry & Accessory Expo
Skirt: Mad Echo Hayley Skirt-Black
Shoes: Revanche- Damaris Drama Heels Onyx @ The Jewelry @ Accessory Expo (linked above)

Label Motion: TDR Mix Dec. 6th @ The Dressing Room

Handy Dandy Bewb Tips:
Although I am sure the greater part of you know how to work your bewbs well...I am sure there is still the occasional person that's going to do the head tilt and say 'Wut?!' while trying to wear boobs, clothes, and tattoos. So I'm going to share some tips with you that some of the creators have shared in world.

Wearing Boobs With Clothes-

• First make a copy of your Lolas! Tango implants

TIP: Place your copy in a folder marked "Tangos Tattooed" This way you wont need to set them up again, and you will still have a blank set of tangos for those days where you don't want to wear tattoos.

STEP 1    • Once you have the copy , Wear your implants then add your tattoo Applier  click to apply the tattoo;
TIP: If the applier does not work on first try, click your implants and in the popup menu select "clothing", then "Dress Bra" Click once more your tattoo applier to wear.

Tip: For best results you may find that you will have to small adjustments to the position of your tangos to line up the tattoo on your implants with the tattoo on your skin

• Now wear your top, the tattoo layer will disappear but don't worry your still wearing it. It's just hidden from view.
TIP: click "Dress Top" in your clothing menu if the clothing applier does not work on first try.

• Now you have to find the part called "Bra Applier" - it's one of the invisible layers that covers your implants;

• Right click on your implants and select edit. In the edit window select "EDIT LINKED"
Now click on the top layer of your implants and move it down.

Click on your implants again and it will now select the Bra Layer. In the edit window go to the TEXTURES tab and turn the TRANSPARENCY down to 0% Your tattoo layer is now visible!!

STEP 4 • Click on the layer that you moved down and press Ctrl + Z
The layer you moved will now snap back into place.  (From a ParaDesigns Notecard)

Matching your Boobs to your Skin Tattoo: (from Elska)

If you notice when wearing these (tattoos) on mesh boobs, your tattoo applier looks a lot more vibrant in color, please take the following steps to adjust this:

1. Edit your boobs.
2. Hit "edit linked parts"
3. Click on the top layer and pull it out (it's transparent so don't worry about it)
4. Select the layer underneath (this is the bra layer)
5. In the "texture" tab, put your transparency up.  Putting it to 2 or 4 usually works for me.


6. Select the transparent top layer and move it back onto your boobs.

Girl Crush #3 Incoming....

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