Saturday, January 18, 2014

"My Right to Say What I Want & Think the Way I Wanna Think!"

Before I started blogging, I was following tons of blogs. Now, as a blogger, I follow tons of blogs. I have some favorites. (Mine first of course!) No seriously, I have some favorites. But what I find is a certain trend.... I refuse to point out specifics because if life has taught me anything it's this, an insult can last longer than a slap to the face. So anyway...certain trends in our Second Life (In real life too, I know, I know) are overwhelming right now! My goodness, I can flip through 300 blogs and swear I've seen the same girl. But it only makes me question myself. Because I don't admire her. I am always looking at that odd girl in the corner of the room. The quiet one that sits on the couch while the others are out making asses of themselves. I'm looking at that girl that's caught up in her novel, obsessed with her music, in her own world of darkness, punk, metal. That girl that you know damn well you better not be wearing a band t-shirt and not have the knowledge to back it up! It's the girl that doesn't stay hip to the trending fashion that catches my eye.

In my current gear, I am nearly FK'd from head to I mean that literally! FK! Designs is always coming out with something unique, something kinda twisted, something 'that girl' would rock and wear and so I did! All bias aside, the shoes in this place are some of the best you're going to find on the grid and I say this because of originality and quality. It's something I always look for. If you haven't visited, make your way over there to check it out or check out FK! Designs on the marketplace.

{Some of my fav FK! Designs Rizzo 2 Boots (no editing done on this pic! All his work.)}

Skin: FK! Designs - Gwen Skin - Pale (with Tango & Phat Azz appliers!)
Hair: FK! - Darleen Hair- Bruiser
Eyeshadow: [MC] Cyber Shadows-Purples-Amethyst
Lip gloss: {ataxia} Glossy Natural Lips - Medium
Tattoo: FK! - Original Pinup Tattoo

Top: DRBC -Fetish Bettie Set {Black}
Fishnet undershirt: G O L A Industry- Fishergirl (Black)
Badass shorts: FK! - Uber Shorts - Burlesque - #3
Fishnet tights: Izzie's - Patterned Tights
Boots: FK! - Rizzo 2 Boots - Black
Headphones: RO - Overdrive - Top Fuel - Container

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