Friday, January 24, 2014

The Siren's Call [Project Limited Exclusives]

Ahoy luvs! How many of you made it to Project Limited? How many of you made it out alive? How many of you made it out alive and with lindens in your pockets still? I didn't think so!
What an awesome event this one. My favorite thing about it is just that whatever your style may be, you probably found something or several things there to your liking. You probably even discovered something there that you wouldn't typically like, but you now do. "Yeah, I don't wear Flite shoes...but lemme grab a pair real quick while there's still 53 left." I bet somebody did it!
So some of my favs were there of course! I'm featuring a few here and as I am posting this, there are 24 Elska tattoos left! Such a work of art she's created with this tattoo. Front to back, there is so much to admire and with all appliers included, it's quite the steal.
Mystic Canvass is also there! Mystic Canvass is the creator of some of my favorite skins in Second Life. Unique, dramatic, amazing are some of the words that were recently used by the owner of an upcoming magazine to describe her skins and it's all true! There are still skins left at Project Limited. Make your way over there now to snag a few or all! Also check my Sponsor Luff N' Stuff page to see Mystic Canvass on Facebook or Flickr.
Of course my hair is Milk hair, everyone knows it already. 87 colors, 14 pastels left of this style as I am posting! How do I know this....I am standing there right now waiting on yet ANOTHER release!

Skin: [MC] LE Asrella Skin & Appliers Cyan
Hair: *Milk* Hair ~ Oh Lorde *Fades*
Tattoo: Elska - Clusterfuck [Project Limited]
{Top 3 are all found at Project Limited!}
Eyes: .ID. Tropical Brights / Sky
Eyelashes: -Glam Affair - Shironuri Lashes 1 - Azure
L. Inc Phat Azz used. Slink Hands and Feet also used.

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