Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wolf Spirit {Enchantment Special}

{Top photo taken at Misty Mountains, Bottom at Unholy Terror Horde Homeland}

Enchantment is a an event that cycles every three months. Oh you didn't know? Don't worry, I missed the first one too. A fairytale is chosen and participating designers create exclusive items for the event. This round is based on the age old tale, "Little Red Riding Hood". Yes, prepare for the hooded/wooded photos galore! I always thought of the many different angles that fairytales can be looked at. Maybe the 'Evil Stepmother' was having a bad horrible day. It is possible you know. 

With Little Red...I wanted to not just give her the story line of a victim but maybe the storyline of the fighter. Maybe she did have to take on this wolf and maybe her fight was long and vicious.

"....She was left with nothing but the weapon she traveled with and scars but what this wolf didn't know, was that she was sent to her Grandmother's for a reason untold. She was sent there to find her spirit. Her ancestors believed that your spirit would find you on your trek and fight to keep itself from binding to you. You could let it win, or you could become one with the spirit. "Your totem animal is sacred Little Red. Find your fate but do not forsake this being. If the battle is won and your spirit is embraced, you must make use of every part of your sacred animal. It is against every part of us to leave anything behind..." So she obeyed what was taught to her and wore his skins, he would stay with her always. Even in this last dance under Mother Moon, honoring his Sacred Spirit."

{Special thanks to the Unholy Terror Horde Clan who were super inviting and open to allowing me to use their beautiful land for my blog photos}

Skin: Essences - FLF - Olyvia skin *lait* brunette only!
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Akiko Mesh Hair - Blacks Pack
Eyes: :[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Mayestic Eyes ] - [ Jade)] @ Cosmetics Fair
Face Scar: :Little Pricks: Gashed Face Tattoo
Tattoo: .Reckless. - GranDads tattoo Monotint

Wolf Ensemble: ~The Library~ The Wolf-Black (Available at Enchantment, Open to the public on February 1st at Noon!)
Axe:+ The Hunter's Axe + {aii}(Also available at Enchantment)

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