Wednesday, November 5, 2014

And Death Climbs Up the Steps One by One...

{These Photos taken at Missing Mile}

Oh my loves, my deepest apologies for not being here for you! But if you know me then I am sure you understand why. Halloween is such a busy time for my little family and right after it is Dia de los Muertos which we have celebrated for many many many generations in our family. Far beyond sugar skulls  and face paints, it is something we hold dear and sacred. From the feast to the clothing we chose to wear for three days straight. Music, altars, photographs, homemade candles, homemade sweetbreads and our family favorites. It's something I am hoping to keep going strong so that generations to come will continue the tradition. So you see? I wasn't ignoring a single one of you, that I promise. 
Of course I will come back to you with DRBC breathing some life back into me, so to speak. 
I had a chance to celebrate a lil bit of my Dia de los Muertos with some friends at The Rubb that always throw the best Day of the Dead bash evar! It is a day long event (literally) and attending their events is almost like attending class. You will want to bring a pen and paper and take note because these people know their music like no other. I always come back from their events searching down artists and buying tunes online! This is the outfit I rocked there that day.
I paired up my DRBC with a splash of Eudora, Swallow, Exile and an awesome Baiastice find! Grab em' and snag em' below and I will be back soon with more stuff n thangs <3

I missed your faces so much! *smooooooch*

Skin: DeeTaleZ Skin A.T.W. Anouk Nordic
Hair: Exile::Rising Dawn Naturals @ The Fantasy Collective
Eyes: {Dead Apples} Phantom Eyes - Snow
Eyeliner: DeeTaleZ Makeup BLACK Eyeliner D
Lipstick: from the SKBW Vampire Makeup Kit - with eyes!

Dress: ::drbc:: death maiden - noir @ Suicide Dollz right now!
Stockings: !Blah. (My Nylon Ombre Stockings) Skulls
Gloves: Baiastice_Long gloves with claws-black @ Uber
Heels: Eudora 3D Elvira Heels (Slink High) @ Uber

Collar: (fd)Bone Choker
Mask: Swallow - Viva la muerte 1
Flowers: AZOURY - Melancholy Bouquet of Flowers

*PosESioN* Morticia Set
*PosESioN* Angela Set

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