Tuesday, January 20, 2015

"In Sleep He Sang to Me, In Dreams He Came.." {Death Row Designs 'Phantom Lair' Special}

So this post was due SO long ago but let me tell you of my struggles! It got real! How hard is it to find a gothy guy in Second Life?! Well I am sure we walk past a ton of them daily while on our shopping sprees but for some reason, they were evading me! *insert mean face here*
So I had to hunt one down. Thankfully, my fellow blogger friend Dev jumped on board for this awesome adventure with me! It is quite difficult to find Victorian goth clothes in SL that has been updated to our classy mesh stuff. Most of is is outdated and flexi. Lets fix this! If you read my previous blog, well you know my rant on the goth issues lol. So glad Dev has quite the wardrobe himself and was able to put an Phantom-esqe ensemble together. So hauntingly gorgeous! He did his job well in putting me in the mood for the photo session!

I was lucky enough to be able to see this on stage many years ago and I was just...jaw on the floor the whole time. I have been in love with this ever since then. I fell in love with Andrew Lloyd Webber and his insane talent and also Sarah Brightman and her gorgeous voice! When I saw the movie, I wasn't a hater...I just fell in love with it even more...and fell in love with Gerard Butler! Lol.

Death Row Designs is just hands down one of Gia's World's all time favorites, EVER! Jaimy now works side by side with her sister (Eowyn) and her partner in crime (Tito) and the three of them together seem to be a team of badassery! I will have to try and steal Jaimy for a moment and get her to give Gia's World a mini interview sometime, see if we can get some DRD behind the scenes info!
I was just amazed with the 'Phantom Lair' set available at the Oh My Gacha event. Yes, this event has been open for a bit, I'm late but look at it like this..at least you dont have to fight the masses to get in now! Lol and you still have 11 days left. Utilize those days well because this is definitely a set you will want. Especially my fellow Goths who love their candles and red velvet throws and whatnot. I hope I'm so late that you've already collected this WHOLE DAMN THING! It's just so stunning!
There's a total of 19 pieces to collect. The Bed, the Boat and the couch have over a hundred animations including.. cover your virgin eyes now....rated X animations! Animated Organ and the pile of trunks are animated as well.

Impeccable detail, exceptional quality and likeliness to what was in the actual movie will make you NEED these! Prepare your Phantom play list and wardrobes and get lost in this stuff, believe me, I did!

To see what Dev has on, head over to his blog and check it out!

Skin: .Atomic. {Song} Autumn - Sugar
Hair: .Olive. the Mir Hair - Morning Coffee
Eyes: Ikon Perspective Eyes - Coffee
Eyeshadow: #adored - last night - smoke pack
Lip Gloss: {ataxia} Glossy Natural Lips - Medium

Dress: *{Junbug}* Betty's Gown [Bridal Brocade] @ C88

My Pose: *PosESioN* Alice Set
2nd Pose Included in DRD Phantom Boat v2 c
3rd Pose:  the pose shop. 20

DRD Phantom Lair Set- @ Oh My Gacha! 11 Days!