Tuesday, June 2, 2015

"Im Waking Up To Ash and Dust.."

{Taken at the Wastelands}

The Arcade is open and I am sure it is no easier to get in now than it was the first moment it opened. It is usually like this for several days (weeks maybe!), but I hope a few of you have had a chance to get in and snag some of the goodies! I've had a few friends that scored some awesomeness at round one so I am itching to get in there myself!
Death Row Designs is there and of course is as badass as ever. I don't know how so much awesomeness is crammed into one little machine but yeah, it's there. There's so many outfits and so many pieces that you will want so definitely make use of gacha yard sales and trades and stuff! That's the way to go I tell ya! And once again I will say that we are truly spoiled because back in the day, you couldn't get quality items like this for these prices!
So I plan to do a series with the DRD stuff, this was just one of my favs and the residents of Gia's World aren't surprised that it is OF COURSE a post apocalyptic outfit! Next post of the series is a surprise so, keep your eyes, right here!
Also, here's a landmark to The Pea's Arcade Yardsale, it's super busy right now and loaded with goodies so, have fun!!
Ok ok, I shall return shortly <3

Skin: Glam Affair - Luna - Simply Girl + Nyam Nyam ( previous FLF )
Hair: Catwa Hair Aura [Darks]
Lipstick: Clemmm - Charred Lips

Suit: -DRD- Looks - apocalypse @ The Arcade
Goggles: FK! - Steampunk Goggles

..::Vibe::.. - "Organica" Fatpack @ Shiny Shabby

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