Saturday, June 20, 2015

"Sorrow Is Their Master, Cackling With Laughter.."

Such is life, real life....taking up all my precious blog time. That's alright though. It gives me a chance to bring a more artsy side to myself out and that is always my favorite way to blog.
With my lack of blog time, of course is the lack of time to be in game as well and that saddens me...and also beings many questions to mind.

Our relationships in SL are precious, I mean, at least they are to me. When I make a friend, I keep my friends. When I am not able to log in, I miss my friends. If I were a sim (as in a sim character from the game 'The Sims'), my social level would be dropping drastically. Most of my socializing is done in Second Life because, as I've said many times, I'm an introvert.
The point I am getting at here is, how well do you know your friends? Are they willing to reach out to you when you don't log in? Will they forget about you should you decide to take a break from Second Life?
The friends that I know will go above and beyond, are the ones that I hold dearest to me. Though I love them all...some of you I would take a bullet in the leg or something though.<3
In this game, the one we devote so much time's just my personal thought and experience that, you only ever make a couple REAL friends. Treat them well, cherish them. 

So I had a chance to show off another Petite Mort dress in my creepy lil pic. Though I thought of all kinds of fanciful ways to doll it up, the darker side of me took over and this happened instead...and I was happy with it. With 6 different shades available, I am sure you will love it as much as I do.

Hopefully I will be able to come back around again soon with more pretty thangs! Until then, have a blast, don't forget to enjoy your real life too!

Head: LeLutka Mesh Head-STELLA
Skin: -Glam Affair - Maitreya Lara Body Appliers ( Polar ) (& Glam Affair Lelutka Heads Vampire Line Polar Applier)
Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Lana" (Onyx)
Eyes: Clemmm - Cosmetic Doll Eyes /// Snow
Manicure: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Bleeding Black Lace

Dress: Petite Mort- Black Violetta Gown
Hat: Azoury - Ashera Head Accessory

Apple Spice - Against the Wall Poses 011-020 Fatpack

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