Sunday, November 22, 2015

Chasing Cthulhu

Ahoy Mateys!
Yes yes, Gia had a little was much needed. I don't ever feel the need to announce it here. I guess I just feel secure enough with you all and know that YOU know I will be back soon enough. So far, it's worked for us pretty well. I hope I am finding you all in good health and stuff.
I stated in a previous blog post that I ran into a podcast I love. Not only that, the whole podcast world blew right up for me and since then I've found several. Another one I love is the H.P. Lovecraft podcast. It's basically a couple of dudes talking about the works of, of course, none other than, H.P. Lovecraft. I'm oh...kind of a Lovecraft fan!
Anyway, I was so excited after the podcast that while on break at my RL job, I brought it up and, silly me, I guess I assumed everyone knew Lovecraft! Nope, I just looked like a nerd I guess. nobody knew what I was talking about and so when I went into short descriptions of some of my favorite stories (Of course starting with 'The Call of Cthulhu'!), it sparked a pretty interesting discussion. One of my co-workers blurted out, 'Oh I read romance novels and occasionally a mystery but I don't really read that guy stuff.' .....Excuse me?! What exactly is 'Guy Stuff' when it comes to reading? Can you even label it like that and have it make any kind of sense? I know it was just her ignorance. Surely not all of us women are supposed to read romance novels all day, right?! Please tell me I am right. If that's not the case, well then...I guess I'm a dude! Along with all the rest of the women that love sci-fi? Lovecraft? Whatever she was trying to say. She couldn't really answer me when I did ask her what exactly she meant. She responded with a 'Oh you know, guys mostly read that kind of stuff.' I had to laugh. I informed her I fell in love with Lovecraft and that whole entire genre when I was just a kid. I had siblings that brought me into it but still.
It irritates me that THAT mindset even exists. It honestly has to stop. It's what keeps me from making any kind of friends in RL. It's so very hard to find another woman who I can sit down with and discuss for example Lovecraft, or my love for the horror genre or gaming even! Maybe it's just in my neck of the woods, is it? Do any of you run into this issue in RL or in SL? They like pink, I like black. They like Hallmark Channel, I am horror....etc, etc, etc.  One of the many reasons I love Second Life! It has brought so many of my fellow weirdos close to me and so even though they're not right next door, I do have friends.
So with all thoughts of finding Cthulhu, I set out on a voyage!
Remarkable Oblivion again just always amazes me. Enchantment this round is pretty epic so I hope you've all been out there to snag all the stuff. I know it's hard with all the events going on. Even us as bloggers (at least me, lemme speak for myself here lol) have a hard time keeping up with alllll of these events. I love them though, especially when they are themed. I think it pushes the designers to get creative and I love seeing what they will come up with! Dead Dollz was another fav of mine for this round of Enchantment, Cerberus Xing too! All featured here. I wont hold you any longer though, but will be back soon! <3

Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Jessica 
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Skin: [theSkinnery] Sienna (Catwa Applier) - champagne @ C88
Scar: [theSkinnery] Huntress Markings (Catwa Applier) @ We <3 RP
Eyes: (right) -SU!- Silent Eyes (left) Ikon VIP Group Gift - August 2015-Triumph Eyes
Hair:  ~Tableau Vivant~ Faux dreads - Namiriel - Naturals II

Suit: .::Dead Dollz::. Polly Outfit - Black @ Enchantment
Hat: RO - Admiral - Black @ Enchantment
Boots: lassitude & ennui Buccaneer boots black

Necklace: Eudora 3D Eritia Set Steel
Bracelet: **Real Evil** Orbit Set {GIFT}
Hook: [Cerberus Xing] Duel's Aftermath (Onyx) @ Enchantment
Nose Piercing:  .random.Matter. - Harvester - Piercing
Pipe: [NikotiN]    Pipe SteamPunk (Brown) RARE
Gun at Hip:  ::TI:: Captain Belt + pirate gun (Full pack) @ Enchantment

Custom Pose by Me!

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