Tuesday, February 23, 2016

All the Witchery

Hey luvs! I hope your week started out well. My Monday was...well, a Monday. Overly busy and annoying! I made it through though and I am here!

So one of my favorite things to talk about, things to find, etc. are freebies in SL. Maybe not even just freebies but things that are such a bargain that you just can't pass up. Why? Because when I first started playing Second Life, this wasn't even an option and if you did find something that was free you had to sit in a chair for several hours (camping), even then, mesh wasn't out back then so it was all system clothes...I know some of y'all remember what I'm talking about! Quality freebies were insanely hard to come by! It never ceases to amaze me the amount of things that are available to us now at such a great bargain or as group gifts!

This gown is a group gift from DRBC this month! Are you in the DRBC group? You should be! Dizzy (owner of DRBC) is usually right on top of her group gifts and they are always awesome and very well done! Make sure to head over to DRBC in world where you can join the group and snag this gown and follow on Facebook (linked above) for updates on future group gifts and other upcoming goodies! We're spoiled. You can look damn good real quick as a newb Second Life player. I had a friends sister start playing Second Life with me. I gave her some linden to join Little Bones, and Moon groups. She joined DRBC, FK Designs. I sent her to Pink Fuel for the free 'Under 30 day' skin, and bought her a bargain AO (like 200L I think) at Oracul that is actually great quality, I use it all the time. For less than 500L she looked a damn sight better than I did when I started out as a newbie! Lol people were accusing her of being an 'alt' and she didn't know what that meant. My very first blog post has a picture of me when I first started Second Life (that's not what I looked like when I started the blog! Lol) so if you can go back that far, you'll see what newbie Gia looked like!

Can't keep you long today! Already working on other projects, they're keeping me so busy! I love it!
See you all soon! Have a great week <3

Hair: Mina- Lena - Black
Tattoo: [White~Widow] Invictus

Gown: ::drbc:: summoning robes - pagan poetry - Group Gift
Headpiece: Azoury - JUTRO Headwear (Onyx) @ We <3 RP

-DRD- Deer Candelabras @ We <3 RP

I cant remember! It'll come back to me lol (if this is your pose, nudge me and let me know!)

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