Saturday, February 27, 2016

"A True Queen Does Not Need A King.."

{Taken at Tales of Ashenborne}

Vikings on  the History channel has started up again! I am such a fan! A friend introduced me to it last year and I plowed through the first few seasons I missed then was able to watch along with everyone else it's back and I am so excited! They haven't failed me yet in acting, story line, eye candy lol. My favorite character is still Lagertha (when they pronounce her name, the R is pretty much silent). I love that she is not made to be the typical female running behind a man, waiting on a man, etc etc. I love that she reigns, I love that she is ruthless, I love that she looks so beautiful and sweet but if you know her, you know how deadly she can be when it comes to protecting her family, herself and her people. 
So when I thought of which direction I wanted to go with this picture, I thought of Lagertha and her brutal beauty. 
The picture was brutal on me too! I don't know why I never thought to take a picture vertically. This is third year of blogging, (close to it anyway lol) and I never flipped my pictures?! This whole time?! Thankfully I have a wonderful friend who sent me in the right direction to accomplish that and a boyfriend who helped me nail it! 
My gorgeous Death Row Designs helmet needed to be featured in its entirety. Every way I was trying to take the picture, it seemed to chop part of it off....and I just couldn't have that! So...I don't know, what do you all do to get the pictures you want? Especially when it comes to this flipping the picture shenanigans! If there is easier tips or tricks, y'all better share! lol
Also, I am so thankful that Azuchi Designs followed me on Flickr when they did because I was just about to go on this total bitch fit about there being a lack of proper armor in Second Life lol. This armor is insanely gorgeous! It actually covers the bewbs! Shocking right?! Why is all female armor made to look so revealing? Some of us would like to imagine that our chest would actually be protected in battle you know!
Won't keep you forever. Arcade is right around the corner, we're about to get real busy and real broke haha. I'm so ready, teleport ready, full alpha ready!
Thanks so much to the people of Ashenborne who let me stand around their sim forever trying to get this picture in! To allll my roleplayers out there, I hope you take a moment to check it out. Looks like it would make for some great roleplay and it seems laid back enough at the same time there's some rules for great game play and smooth rp and leveling! Ladies, keep watch for sexy pirates! I saw a few prowling around!
Be back soon luvs! Enjoy your weekend <3

Skin: Glam Affair ( Lelutka Heads Applier ) Kat - Polar ( We <3 RP )
Hair: [Burley]_Delilah_Blacks
Eyes: [the Skinnery] Bohemian Eyes 14
Dirty Nails: Izzie's - Slink Dirty Hands Applier Huds

Helmet: -DRD- Elven helmet @ Whimsical
Armor: [Azuchi] Cecil Chest Plate Steel, [Azuchi] Cecil Neck Plate Steel, [Azuchi] Cecil Shoulder Pads Steel, [Azuchi] Cecil Corset Steel @ We <3 RP

(marukin) severine & honeyryder pack @ C88


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    1. It wasn't an easy task lol All the head tilting just to get it right. It flips your entire screen so omg it was confusing D: