Friday, December 20, 2013

"Dracula-la-la I'm A Sucker For Your Love!"

It was a night out at the B-Movies! Who loves B-movies more than me? Not nobody, not ever! B-Horror Movies? Well...Now we're talkin'! No date needed when I am surrounded by my all time favorite movie monsters. They show me enough love. It's just me, my fab clothes, a buttery bucket of $50 cinema popcorn and an Icee.
Who could resist DRBC's new Eloise tops that are absolutely adorable?! But B-movies aren't the only theme. Make sure to stop over at the shop to check out the other adorable designs (Chocolate Chunk was another fav!) or check out DRBC on the Marketplace. There is probably a style for every girl out there. FK! Designs is there too so if you have a date, tell your dude to check out the clothes there because wow...some awesome clothes for our guys!
I paired it with an adorable pant/skirt set I found at Collabor88 and FK! Designs Heels. And that was the end of that because that was about all I needed to feel untouchable.
The skin I am in...was free. FREE. Do I have to say that again? This is a Mystic Canvass group gift with all appliers and maybe she was ill (Or just the illest!)...because she gave it freee! I love it! I guess I am bias though because I love all of her skins. Group gift, join group, obtain bad ass skin, score! (Keep your butt in group for more wonderful gifts and updates on new skins with ALL appliers that you're going to want.)

Skin: [MC] Xen Skin (Pale) Group Gift With Appliers ~*FREE*~ Includes multiple skin shades, eyebrow shapes and ALL appliers!
Hair: Analog Dog - bayou - blacks
Eyes: LAQ ~ Dazzling White Eyes
Slink hands used.

Top: DRBC: :sweet tart: eloise top - b-movie
Pant/skirt: Baiastice_Zoe combination-black @ Collabor88
Heels: FK! Designs - Valkyrie (Black) FK! on the market place

Label Motion
Apple Spice 'Against The Wall' pose pack

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