Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Colors of My Mind

I always say Zibska is one of the toughest ones for me to blog. Not because I don't enjoy it, but because I like to sit on the projects and see how they will really move me/inspire me. She releases some amazing creations and it's always a promise that you wont find another like it on the grid. Extremely unique, extremely beautiful and extremely extreme! Honest works of art in our SL and so one cannot simply take a picture wearing it. In my minds eye, you have to be able to match it's fierceness! I took this one to the splatter house and had a ball with the photos. Surprisingly, I didn't have to edit too much. I round all my edges because I cannot stand Sl jagged edges I add shadows or highlights in places where I think the light would shade or brighten ....but this is almost all windlight work.
Follow Zibska on Flickr to see more amazingness and keep up with releases. Hoping to play with another one of her creations again soon!
The skin I am in is at World Goth Fair and I thought I would take a clear shot at the bottom there without the paint splatter or hair in the way so you could see what was underneath. One of three skins by Silken Moon for World Goth Fair.  The pale skin tone with the splash of pink color was perfect for what I had in mind.
Also let me mention my gorgeous manicure done by the one and only Dark Passions. A set of rich reds and red gradients are available and definitely should be on your list of 'things to snag'.

See you all again shortly! <3

Skin: Silken Moon- Plaster Princess @ World Goth Fair
Hair: Zibska ~ Salacia, and Zibska ~ Christinia (bottom photo)
Hairbase: Silken Moon-Widows Peak (linked above)
Eyes: IKON Vanity Eyes - Midnight
Manicure: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Shades of Red
Paint Splatter: :: YaYo :: - Canvas - Body Paint (BUT---I found another on the Marketplace, same creator that comes with appliers: . Infiniti . - Hippie Chic - Body Paint)

Dress: Zibska ~ Ciara Ensemble (linked above) @ FashionArt till May 31st!
Feet Ribbon: Part of another outfit I will be working on soon! Mistress of Death By Boudoir

*PosESioN* Fatale Mirror Set @ The Dark Style Fair

Hiyoko: The Ghibli Museum: Howl's Bathroom

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