Tuesday, February 24, 2015

"Meet Me In Outer Space..."

{These Photos Taken at Hangars Liquides}

Oh we've reached another week and inching closer to the end of the month which will be the end of Future Wave so I hope you all have had a chance to make your rounds, grab a few things and enjoy the view. I loved the setup this year!
Just like last year, when doing this event, I like to ask myself what life would be like in the future. What things would we have to change? What advances in technology might be made to make our lives easier? When I was younger, I remember being told by 2000 we'd be in hover cars and all kinds of other stuff. We have a ways to go before we see that in our every day life but...we're making progress! 
So Swagga released a nice lil wing set that I thought would make a cute match with my Future Wave stuff. In typical Swagga form, super detailed and very unique, I love them!
I'm also mashing it up with some goodies from Thanks For All The Nebulae which is at the SciFi Convention! Yet another stop you should be making lol. Don't worry, once you get these wings on, transportation will be quick and easy! 
Not going to talk your faces off. I was haunted at my RL work today by tons of images that I want to take! Some for Future Wave and some just because so...go hit up Future Wave and the SciFi Convention and all the other places and THEN...come right back here to Gia's World! Muahs!

Skin: -Glam Affair - Alice America - ShinyShabby 03 @ Shiny Shabby
Hair: MOON // Hair // Essentials - The Eye @ Creepy Kawaii
Eyes: Pin Me Down - Mecha 13 @ Future Wave
Face Make-Up: Beautiful Freak Circuit eye makeup - bright silver @ Future Wave
Manicure: :*:CPD:*: Slink Planetary Nails @ Future Wave

Dress: r2 A/D/E uruwa [silver]
Boots: Anachron - Hover Shoes - Ion @ Future Wave
Wings: [SWaGGa] Ethereal iWing @ Serphim Social
Mask: [TfAtN] Selective Membrane Filter - Space @ SciFi Convention 2015
Cannula: [TfAtN] Selective Membrane Filter - Cannula @ SciFi Convention 2015

{Rook} Galaxian @ Future Wave

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