Saturday, May 10, 2014

Done Waiting For True Loves Kiss {Fantasy Faire}

{Photo taken at Fairelands Junction}

Ever since I was a little girl, one of my favorite words was 'Why?'. Yep, I was that annoying kid! I remember reading fairy tales and wondering why the evil Stepmother was evil. Why this, why that. I would end up wanting to play the villain or twist the story line a bit. So I ran into another Boudoir bit of epicness. I so love these props she's making that are wearable! So many times, the issues we have as bloggers or photographers is finding a wonderful place and then you can't rez your photo props. Well this takes care of that issue! You wear it and BAM! 

The original pose when you wear this coffin will put you into a rested position with hands folded over your torso, laying back on the pillow....but I wasn't ready to play the damsel. I brought a few cute friends with me and whipped the pose to my liking!

Boudoir is at the Fantasy Faire! Make sure to snag all of these wearables. <3

Skin: -Glam Affair - Coral skin - America 01 @ C88
Hair: !lamb. Cry Baby - Grayscale Pack @ C88
Manicure: *League* Natural French Manicure Fingernails Applier for Slink

Dress/Shoes/Hair bow/Stockings: All included in the Sleeping Beauty Coffin package (see below!)

Coffin: Boudoir- Snow White Deluxe Edition @ Fantasy Faire
Dwarves: *UI* Garden Dwarfs FR v
My Adorbs Doll I am Snuggling: *MishMish* Malevolent to hug (For this round of Enchantment)<----I luff luff luffs it!!

Del May-One Elbow Lay

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