Friday, May 30, 2014

I'll Take What is 'Goth'? for $500 Please!

{Taken at Lynden Labs in Hard Alley}

When I applied for World Goth Fair, one of the questions was 'How often do you blog 'Goth'?" maybe not those words exactly...something like that. Honestly, I sat there for a few thinking about it. Because...what is 'Goth'? I started thinking about my RL many times have I been stereotyped as 'Goth' or got my goth card checked by someone who is, well of course, far Gothier than Thou. Goth to something that is not tangible, maybe on some days not even visible. 

My photo above represents me and how I typically dress (somewhat like it anyway) on a typical day at work. In a business casual, office/cubicle type would you look at me and say 'Yeah she's goth'? Sometimes you just can't tell visually. It is a way of being, forever. Not a phase. Not something you will grow out of, not something you grow into, it simply is! 

I will tell you what....underneath my business casual look...I will always be Goth. No matter my age, how I am dressed...Goth is just a part of me always. We can only wish others wouldn't judge....even other Goths judge other Goths...when what we all really should be doing is simply admiring all the diversity amongst us. By the way, my 'gothy' music is often what gets me through my day at work. We're allowed to use headphones and so I can listen to what I wish, thankfully!

My sweater that I have on is by Sakide and I love it because it has multiple options via a HUD. I can wear it like this so that I can choose another shirt to wear with or I can use the HUD to show an awesome dress that can be used with it. 
My awesome heels are by Etchaflesh, but you won't be able to see all their awesomeness in that pic so here...

Also comes with a HUD that gives you so many options to play with different prints for different styles. 

Thank you for allowing me to give my lil gothy rant! Be back soon. Oh and sorry about the title of the blog, my sense of humor runs strong with me tonight. 

Skin: *League* Skin Erin Pale -Mocha
Hair: Clawtooth: Business Time (Silent Movie Star Pack)
Eyes: IKON Perspective Eyes - Coffee
Manicure/Pedi: Dark Passions -Koffin Nails - Vortex @ World Goth Fair
Tattoo:.Reckless. - Wonderland

Sweater: [SAKIDE] Orison Cardigan @ World Goth Fair
Top: [SAKIDE] Black Style Outfit White
Pants: ISON - work it trousers
Heels: [Etchaflesh] Hardcore Teaser Heels
Glasses: Eclectica antique glasses @ World Goth Fair

Del May-Extinguishable (edited with Animare)

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