Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Come Kick Up Some Dirt With Me!

{Taken at Dawn of Radiance}

You obviously didn't know I have a lil Country in me...I'm just kidding! Okay, confession...I ha---dislike Country music. Well, the new stuff anyway. I am surrounded by many people that love it though and so I am exposed to this music quite often. There's some guy....can't remember/don't know his name but he says something about a catfish dinner....Luke Bryan! (I had to google 'Cat Fish Dinner' lol) but anyway...can't stand him. Just had to vent that lil bit. I guess my reasoning is that Country music just seems too sugar coated nowadays. It's always about heart breaks or going out in the truck for cold beers with your picture perfect country gal who of course also loves nights under the stars...sounds of nature, hunting, burping, passing gas and scratchin--okay I'll stop there. In any case, not my thang!
HOWEVER....when you go back, back to when Loretta Lynn and Johnny Cash reigned...YUS! There's even a Garth Brooks song I like!
So my ode to Country Music will be to the ones I consider to be the originals. My Loretta, who holds such a great part of my heart because of her life story, which I loved. 
Rhapsody is still going strong. My adorbs dress is really what brought on this entire blog because otherwise, it wouldn't have happened. I saw the dress and the whole post fell into place!
Sooo many of you have been to Rhapsody already but the ones that haven't,'re missing so much. It is an event that I am just loving so much on! It only runs to July 12th so though you have some days left, it isn't forever!
Now kick up some dirt and get movin' to Rhapsody!

{Rhapsody Map posted in the previous blog post!}

Skin: Essences - Siggy TDRF03 *light rose* (formerly at The Dressing Room)
Hair: pr!tty - Ami I - .Reds. @ Rhapsody
Eyes: [Brixley] Mist Eyes - dark blue
Manicure: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Acoustic Aura @ OMGacha!

Dress: Coquet. County Rd 22 - Dress Peach @ Rhapsody (linked above!)
Boots: *CoCo*_CowboyBoots_Brown
Hat: Harm's Way-Straw Hat

Top Photo: Embody- Line Up Pose (line dance for up to 4 people) @ Rhapsody
Bottom Photos: Embody- Country Girl pose Pack (includes guitar prop) @ Rhapsody

Honest fightin' words from a real woman <3 listen to it gals!

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