Wednesday, March 12, 2014

How Mystic Is Your Canvass? {Skin Fair 2014 Special}

{Top two photos taken at Hazardous, Bottom at Insilico}

Hello hello luvs! Skin Fair 2014 is right around the corner and I am just.... *flails* The options are aplenty. I suppose we all have the things we obsess over in our Second Life. Some of use love shoes (that would be me), some of us love hair (that would be me too), and some of us skin (that's me too!). This would be the place the skin lovers will flock to. The creators we love and fan girl/boy over have all busted some serious butt to bring us some of the hottest skins! I picked some of my favs to showcase here and of course I'm going to show you how mystic Mystic Canvass makes me!

Before I go on about that though, Skin Fair photo rules for my blog are. I will NOT edit the skin. I am not adding highlights or shadows or anything else to the skin. I want YOU to see what your lindens will be paying for and all the hard work these creators have put into this. 
What I have edited are SL glitches, background effects (only slightly), and jagged edges or broken joints because those last two annoy me so! 

All of what you will see on my blogs that have anything to do with the Skin Fair will abide by this rule. I keep with this rule pretty much anyway most of the time but I shadow and highlight usually for the photographic effect but never to correct the work done by SL creators. I love Photoshop like the next person but it's JUST MY personal opinion that shading and highlighting for others is doing their work or attempting to correct it. Having said that....let's roll.

Mystic Canvass skins, if you're not familiar with them, are definitely not your average SL skins. I love that she (Lara, the creator/Owner of Mystic Canvass Skins) thinks out of the box and brings us all types of skins in all different colors. Not just your average, every day human skin tones or shades of make up. The Mystic Canvass setup is on the first sim. You can't miss it! You won't want to miss it. Especially my cyber luvin gals!

All skins come with Slink, Phat Azz & Lola Appliers. Also eyebrow shapes for convenience, A cup and D cup options, a No Brow option (wewt!) and red, blonde and black brow options.

Mystic Canvass Gold Series For Skin Fair 2014
Namaida, Anika, & Carmen Skins in 
Pale, Kissed, Tan
 Symbia, Aharm, Afeldra
in Chalk, Peachy, & Tan
Amarder is also another shade available, featured in my photos at the very top of this post!

Skin: [Mystic Canvass] Peachy Amarder Skin @ The Skin Fair 2014 (landmarks not yet available!)
Hair: Little Bones. Full Moon - B&W @ The Big Show
Hairbase: [eskimo fashion] - Laya Lace Front Caps (Hairbases) - Black
Eyes: {Dead Apples} Twinkle Eyes - Cream

Top: .Shi : TSADE / Body Cuff {Black.Unrigged}
Pants: r2 A/D/E skinny pants [silver]
Heels: Reign.- Stricken Pumps- Black @ The Big Show (linked above!)

Cuffs: .random.Matter. - Bastille Wrist Cuff - Black (Also @ The Big Show!)

Top Pose-Del May
Middle- Apple Spice-Against The Wall
Third-Nantra-Catwalk Queen 4

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