Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Witching Hour Is Upon Us

 {Taken at the Dead Apples Main store!}
 {Taken at The Trace}

Hello again my luffs and stuff!
I had to get in a quickie (it sounds dirty, I know). As I was working on another outfit, I wandered over to Facebook briefly *coughs*....and realized The Witching Hour Gacha was going on! *le gasp* I hadn't realized it was so soon, nor had I realized it was only a day long. So while everyone is crowding the Luck of the Irish Gacha (and not letting me in! *shakes fist*), I tried my luck at this little spooky gacha instead and I am SOOOO glad I did.
More Spooky Gachas I say!

I also wanted to blog the Sn@tch freebie for the Twisted Hunt. Holy hawtcakes Batman! It's things like this that should be shown to the newer SL players. Hunts are fun and with freebies like this, it's a win win! The dress is gorgeous and comes with scripted pentacle earrings and a necklace. But I wanted to show off the gacha goodies so although I LOVE the necklace, I am using a choker from the gachas.
Also the make-up I am wearing is a new snatch and grab at Sn@tch!  That means it's 50L!!

The hair...I am a weirdo I guess because I kind of fell in LOVE with this hair! You will find clothes there as well, a table set for a bit of conjuring fun, jewelry! Look at the brains on my rings!! Oh so zombilicious! Also some of the cutest teddies hanging by a noose ever.
Have fun snagging allll the things!!
Skin: [Mystic Canvass] Chalk Symbia Skin (No Brow) Coming Soon to the Skin Fair!!
Hair: *Bad Juju* Curl Up & Dye - Necromancy - Red @ Witching Hour Gacha
Hairbase:  LoQ Hairs Hairbase-Fire Red
Eyes: {Dead Apples} Phantom Eyes - Snow (linked under my first photo!)
Eyebrows: .r.M. Severity - Eyebrows
Make-Up: :::Sn@tch Sinister Gloss Lips & Makeups::: (Black)
Manicure: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Slink Appliers - Sinister Gradients

Dress: :::Sn@tch SPELLCRAFT for Twisted::: (Includes Scripted Earrings and a necklace (not shown)! -in case you didn't read all my words above-) (Sn@tch linked above!)
Shoes: [L.Warwick] Aurora -Platform Heels- Noir

Brain Rings: :Z.S: Brains rings - Purple - RARE & :Z.S: Brains rings - Green - RARE @ Witching Hour Gacha
Bow Ring: Violent Seduction Cameo Ring-Lavender/Gold @ Witching Hour Gacha
Choker: !TLB - Familiar Choker Bat @ Witching Hour Gacha
Noosed Teddy: Dark Passions-Bear-ly Hangin' On-Bloody Burlap- RARE @ Witching Hour Gacha

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