Saturday, May 9, 2015

Introverts Unite! (Separately...In Our Own Homes)

Wanna know something kind of personal about me? I'm an Introvert and I'm proud! It actually took me a loooong time to say that and understand that it was okay to say that. I was told since I was a young girl that I shouldn't be 'antisocial'. It was wrong, it was bad, it was mean, it wasn't right, etc etc. I met someone not very long ago who laughed when I said I was antisocial. She said, "You are -NOT- antisocial! You're very social. I don't know who ever would tell you that BS but, they're wrong. You may chose to socialize with only a few people, you may be selective about those you socialize with. Being out in public drains you I bet?" I agreed. "Well honey, that's not antisocial, that's Introvert. Entirely different." So I explored this new word and I embraced it and it really helped me. I hadn't realized how upset it made me to think that I couldn't just go out and be a social butterfly like a lot of other people out there can, how much it made me look down on myself because of all the BS that had been drilled in my head about this for so many years.
I understand why I look forward to hanging out with....ME! I understand why when we go out shopping, or friends ask me to go 'hang out' with them, I come back home and feel this exhaustion. Like I have to recharge a battery. I very much value my 'Me' time. I love my small circle of friends and feel no need at all for an abundance of friends. My circle is small and secure and mostly family...but I am very social with them and they will tell you that. Texting, phone, visiting...whatever it may be, they hear from me often.
My pictures reminded me a lot of the real me and so I wanted to reveal that part of me. Funny how much poses can influence everything in my portraits. They breathe life into my pictures. A lot of times, that's why it takes me forever to blog things because...I can't simply stand in front of a wall, I love telling a story. I like you to see my pictures and wonder what exactly is going on. What was she doing, is she doing, or will she do?
My wonderful lil lazy chair is by The Pose Shop and is at Thrift shop in a gacha! It has 4 adjustable poses in it, I just featured my favorite two. Click on the Pose Shop link above to follow it on Facebook and see the other two poses! This isn't all either. There are some more goodies you're going to want to get your hands on. You never know how the poses will inspire your pictures!

Skin: .Birdy. Sienna Skin - Pure
Hair: MINA - Elvira - Black @ Fameshed
Eyes: [Buzz] Lillian Eyes - Jade
Mouth: [[ CR ]] Nyam Nyam
Tattoo: .Reckless. - The Classic
Mani/Pedi: DP - Koffin Nails - Maitreya - Midnight Metals @ Thrift Shop (Also available for Slink!)

Top: Tee*fy Joan Bra top
Sweats: -SU!- Fatal Sweatpants 07
Bowl: [CerberusXing] Octo Glass Pipe (Purplehaze+Swirl) @ The Mens Dept In assorted colors. Animated smoke/lighter pose and smoke color option!

the pose shop. lazy bones chair black // RARE @ Thrift Shop

HIDEKI -  @ Chapter 4
 * UFO Sightings Map
 * The Roswell Alien Miniature

:Cheeky Pea: Playing Games Console
TBF TelefunkenAnimated Television
POPCORNBOX from-DRD- circus - popcorn machine


  1. Joins the uniting of the introverts ... from over here! ♥
    Lovely piece as always, Gia - love the photos too! [From one scene blogger to another, it's worth the wait to see the work that you do!

    1. Thank you Sha <3 I'm glad I'm not the only introvert around. I know a lot of us are...I hope that I helped a few embrace it rather than shame themselves though.

  2. Haha.. This is so me too! Maybe that is what SL is mostly filled with introverts.. We can go out and still be safe in our homes in RL. LOL

    1. Lol Oh I am sure SL has a ton of Introverts. How odd is it for so many Introverts and Anti-Social people to be involved in a game tht requires you to be social? At least a lil bit social anyway. I found my weirdos to be social with, yes I am pointing at YOU B! Lol <3