Sunday, August 17, 2014

Suck Me Dry

{These Photos taken at Bladerunner City}

Hello luvs! Although I usually start my blogs off with a lil rant about the badassery I am wearing or a storyline, I am going to do this one a lil different (although, look at the badassery I am wearing!). I wanted to talk about a topic that has bothered me for quite some time. I'm generally a quiet person. My circle of friends in SL is very very small. After being here for so many years, it has just been my personal learning experience to keep it that way. 
So my little rant is on blogger friendliness, mostly towards each other. When I started my little adventure into the bloggy world, I made a great friend. She warned me of jealousy, accusations, and backstabbing that happens amongst bloggers. I kind of giggled and just made a small mental note. As time passed (not too much time even) a lot of that stuff started showing. Not really towards me but I noticed others commenting rudely on photos or adding their two cents here and there on style, etc. 
I find it saddening that it's so hard to simply find people that empower you (and in RL too). Why can't we support one another and share blog posts? Be encouraged and encourage others? If someone is inspired by your style and they use it to inspire a look of their own, can you not be excited about someone finding the things you love interesting as well? And can that person take a moment to give credit where credit is due and say 'Thanks to 'so&so' for sparking my interest!'. We can do these things. 
I have been blessed to encounter a few bloggers on my journey that have proved that stereotype of mean bloggers to be very wrong. They've helped me, encouraged me, inspired me. If I am trying to find a place to shoot a picture, need an honest opinion, need landmarks, tips on editing a picture, ANYTHING!, they're polite, helpful, always. 
One of those ladies is in that top photo with me, yes she gladly went out of her way to let me suck her dry! I love my Kuppy so much and am very proud of how far she's come in her blogging. I'm inspired by her love for it all, her stylings and I adore her for being the friend she is. 
Anika, PurzAarya, & Vita (luff my Vita!) are also other fellow bloggers that I simply adore for being their awesome selves and great friends. Anika is my partner in crime and preferred pain in the ass though lol. She's the one I spend most of my time with, get in trouble with and laugh with. SL wouldn't be complete without her. 
In closing, to my fellow bloggers...encourage, share, and inspire one another. No BS, no accusations, none of that is needed. What it boils down to is all of us basically doing the same thing. Take a pretty picture, share your awesome stylings and brighten someones Second Life. <3

Skin: [Mystic Canvass] Peachy Amarder Skin w/Appliers
Hair: Dura- Boys&Girls37 (Black)
Hairbase: [Dolly] Shaved Hair Base -SpiderWeb v.2
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Sweety // Vampire Eye
Tattoo: .Reckless. - Notti @ District 5 (linked below)
Mani/Pedi: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Modern Grid-- 1L Special @ The Black Fashion Fair 

Bodysuit: FK! - Buckled Bodysuit - (Black Neoprene)
Fishnets: [ abrasive ] Wrecked Holy Fishnet
Cyborg Vamp Fangs & Backpack: DRD vampire backpack & DRD Vampire borg mask @ District 5
Boots: A&Y Deuz Boots Metallic
Bracelets: : Amorous : Galvanized (Thank you Lara for suggesting such an awesome lil store!)
Cyborg Leg:  Nana - Legend Cyborg Black Leg

I don't know all of Kuppys credits. Her skirt is from FK! Designs though! Currently at Suicide Dollz! Shirt from Corvus <3

*EverGlow* - Girls575
*EverGlow* - Girls501
*EverGlow* - Girls687


  1. Awesome post =) Also just wanted to say that I think your pics are aaaaaaamazing! Very inspirational and beautiful. Glad I stumbled upon your flickr and blog! ^^

    1. Thank you so much Emma! What an awesome compliment <3 I am glad you're enjoying the blog and pics. Hope to hear from you again soon!