Tuesday, April 7, 2015

"You Tore Out My Frankenstein Heart!"

Well well well...

I can't even begin to tell you the amounts of diabolical fun I had on this set! I'm a wee bit late with it thought so before I go into anything just go ahead and plunge on over to Suicide Dollz to grabby hands at all the DRBC stuff! Go ahead....I'll wait......(link below!)

Got it?! Yeah! Okay rock it out with me and turn on the tunes below!

I had to show you how I Psychobilly! Although this genre has long since been one I loved, it has really been hitting me right in the feel goooooods! It has taken over my ipod and I'm suddenly wanting to paint guys in skeleton make-up and toss a big bass at them and tell em' to get to it!! I really have my Dizzy (owner and HBIC at DRBC) to thank for it. The DRBC fashion line is inspiring in itself. It has even inspired my real life. I find myself trying my best to find things similar to it and sigh because Dizzy can't come and texture my real life clothes too (damnable) lol. My fav purse I tote around in my RL has DRBC's signature Creature Feature print on it and I love it so!
Dizzy also spins out some amazing Psychobilly tunage every other Friday at Retroville!
Believe me, for my Psychobilly readers...have your butts there! You won't want to miss it! Great place to hang out too and oh yeah, I'm usually there with pen and paper in hand. Why pen and paper you ask? I always take notes on the playlist because it is always a kickass learning experience! She will school you haha nobody does psychobilly like she does! Hit that Retroville link up there and visit the sim, save the landmark too so you can party with us! Also make sure to keep updated on ALL things DRBC by following it on Facebook!
DRBC always goes great with FK! too so my dude there is sporting some FK! Designs. Get used to seeing his pretty face, I am sure it will be in Gia's World quite often <3 Thank you MT for letting me share your sexeh pixels with my followers and for just being you!
It was all made perfect with DRD's Mad Lab. This was at Erotigacha in Retroville but is now at the DRD mainstore in the Furniture section as a Gacha, for 50L per pull and everything being ahmayzin, it's shocking!
Back soon luff n stuffs!

Skin: .Birdy. Sienna Skin - Pure
Hair: Moon. Hair // - B&W - Berlin
Hairbase: Illmatic :: Smoothed Baby Hairs
Eyes: Ikon Spectral Eyes - Wight
Eyeliner: {MOON}. Obsession Eyeliner
Eyeshadow: Kibits (formerly Pekka). Goth Eyeshadows
Lipstick: [PF] Essential Lipsticks - <Red>
Mani/Pedi: DP - Koffin Nails - Maitreya - Roaring 20s & Dirty 30s

Dress: ::drbc:: strapless bodycon - HUD 1 @ Suicide Dollz
Heels: {Livalle} Luscious -Platform Heels- Cherry
Necklace: Cute Poison - Spooky Necklace Black

On My Dude
Top: FK Psychobilly shirt Band set
Pants: FK black cuffed pants
(the rest is his lil secret)

Mine: Vibe - "Leave the Pieces" @ Shiny Shabby
His is custom made <3

DRD Mad Lab

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