Saturday, May 30, 2015

"I'm Taking Control, I'll Assimilate Your Soul, I Will Rule Your Mind..."

I am sure you have all heard me many times go on my lil rants about how Goth in SL needs to 'evolve' saying that, I am usually talking about the flexi that has stayed in a lot of the clothes, system clothes (although when done right with appliers can be great!).
Also thinking outside of the box. In EVERY genre, not only Goth...the best thing we can do is put things together because WE like it. Because it feels and looks great to YOU. Regardless if some asshole is sitting there telling you how crappy it looks, how they don't like it, how they would never wear it, how it looks ridiculous, etc etc. That is THEIR point of view and not yours. You will find that they often wear things that you just shake your head at and wonder what the hell they were thinking when they put that together. It's all about perspective and everyone has a different one. What I wish is that more people were aware at just how rude they are when voicing theirs. Not everyone has to agree with your perspective, and you cannot force them to. What you will end up doing, if that person is like me, is pushing them away. So...careful of your words. Honest opinions are always a good things but never force your personal style/views etc. on anyone.
One of my recent obsessions has been a newer blogger named Judas. Of course he's sexy, Do I have to point that out? That's obvious but far beyond that is his sense of style. Quite honestly, it's like one I have not seen before. It's edgy, it's goth and sometimes not, it's Androgynous and sometimes not, it's unique, it's incredibly sexy....quite simply put, I can't think of a better person who's claws I'd rather have on my bewbage than his! He's not afraid to wear guyliner, nail polish and heels...I just adore it! So, love all over his blog, as it is male AND female friendly!  <3 your Judas! You can put your claws on me any day! Check out his blog, bookmark it and luff the fluff out of it!
My awesome Cat Suit is by FK! and it is adorable. Mesh and hugs the bod great! Actually most of what I have on is by FK! Click on the link above to keep yourselves updated on all things FK!

Back soon! So much, lots of ah-may-zin <3

Skin: .random.Matter. - Ashri Skin - Porcelain
Hair: *Pink Hustler hair* 8084
Eyes: Ikon Sovereign Eyes - Wight
Make-Up (including brows): Lovely Disarray - Hozuki : Makeup Set [Unisex]
Lipstick: Dazed. - Genesis Lips Raven Set & Appliers

Cat Suit: FK! - Black Cat Suit
Harness: FK! - Spiked Harness - Black Neoprene
Boots: FK! - Romper Stompers - Basic Set - Female
Septum Piercing: Mons / Mesh - Septum Ring (style21)

DM - Alley Catch Group Gift