Friday, September 4, 2015

Things I Will 'Cutesy' For

I don't do 'cutesy' often. In fact, when I do 'cutesy', I question myself and how well I did it. In this case, I was so in love with this little look. I was so in love with the outfit and the shoes and it all seemed to just fall in place.
I have to admit that I was also listening to Kyary lots and so she was a lot of my inspiration! She is so darn adorbs. Her style in general is. THIS style is!
It's Friday though and I have a long weekend ahead, which I am soo thankful for! I look forward to getting in some more bloggage and showing you all the different ways to play with the pretty stuff <3
Until then, happy shopping and have a great weekend!! <3
Oh oh oh...don't forget to go to FK Designs Facebook page to see all the awesomeness!! 

Skin: VCO ~ Bella Set
Hair: *Pink Hustler* 8099 @ Suicide Dollz
Eyes: .tsg. Summer Eyes - Dark Brown
Mouth: VCO ~ Berry Pink Mesh lip {Pack}
Manicure: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Belleza - Lava Lamp Lovin

Heels: FK! - Harajuku Heels - Sweet Tart (Dress is included!!!) FK on the MarketPlace
Purse: [ bubble ]  Jelly Bag - Ice Cream
Bow: [ bubble ] Eye Bow-All in 1 Rare
Crown: =Zenith= Rose crown
Stockings: antielle. Gluttony Garter&Stockings Set (Rose) (v.0)

{Imeka} Lay Down - Pose Pack
The other is Imeka too, the name escapes me right now though! >.<

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