Sunday, May 18, 2014

It Is Better to Have Loved and Lost...

{Taken at Silent Eden}

World Goth Fair is LIVE! So of course...that would mean Gia starts feeling sick >.< Noooo! I shall fight it off!
I was pretty amazed with The Little Bat  and their coat for World Goth Fair. Super cute! I couldnt wait to put it on and take pics. And it's been awhile since Dead Pool has visited Gia's World so I thought I would send some love in that direction. tummy piercing...I'm pretty much exclusively pierced by Cute Poison. I just havent found other piercings I love as much. Cute Poison is at the Dark Style Fair with more amazing piercings. I will be trying to include another one that I loved soon! 

By the way...not trying to be so 'Oh my goth!' but...I actually do love cemeteries. The calmness there is what I need sometimes. You don't find many people hanging around there and I guess the introvert in me kinda loves that. When people here prefer to go for lake walks, I love the huge cemetery in town. It has paved walkways, there's a little pond in the back and some of the statues are pretty amazing to see. 
Also, there is an inner feud with that quote I used to name this blog post. For the loves I have lost, I sometimes think that saying is ridiculous. But for my true loves, family members..that I have truly lost, that have passed on...I think that quote is so true. I would rather have had them for the time I did, then never had them at all. My heart is always with them <3

Skin: {Dead Apples} Ari - Honey
Hair (wispies edited): little bones. Starry Eyed - B&W @ Kustom 9
Eyes: {Dead Apples} Striking Eyes - Silver
Eyeshadow: #adored - last night - smoke pack
Lipstick: {D.A} Matte Le Rouge
Manicure: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Shades of Grey Gradients @ World Goth Fair

Jacket (two under shirt options available): !TLB - Axi Coat/Grey @ World Goth Fair
Skirt: Razor /// Simple Black Skirt w/ HUD
Stockings: .{ Mes Petites Coutures }. resille . Noir
Boots: :Deadpool: Militia Boots - Iron Cross @ World Goth Fair
Tummy Piercing: Cute Poison - Aperient Piercing @ The Dark Style Fair
Ring: [LNS Designs] TACTUM MORTIS @ World Goth Fair

Top Pic: Diesel Works - Erotique Female Poses
Bottom Pic: PosEsion Poses- Minimal Set

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