Thursday, May 15, 2014

Violet! You're Turning Violet, Violet! {World Goth Fair}

About that title, I just had to. The purple luff was all over the place! World Goth Fair is OPEN!! 3 Sims so get ready to do some mad shopping while enjoying the view of the awesome sims!
So last night/this morning...I spent some time watching videos on YouTube and looking up more info on the Sophie Lancaster case. I really like to know what I am doing and why. Although I have watched documentaries on her life and death several times, every time, my heart just breaks. How do we fail? How were these kids not taught right? She was only 20 years old and at this point, should be enjoying her life. How sad that it was stolen from her. She died protecting her boyfriend...they were assaulted because of the way they looked. How sad is that? Nobody comes in the same package. We're all different in size, look, likes, styles, sexual preference, etc. But it gives no one the right to to judge or demean, assault, ANYONE based on the cover of the book.
I think a lot of us have dealt with bullying. Even in our cyber lives, we're subjected to these things. It's important to know when to remove people from your life. If they have no purpose, if they cause negativity...they're wasting your personal energy and lifetime. It is important to know when you are crossing the lines. So you don't like Goth, well...I don't like country. But that's what makes us great. The world is full of so many flavors...why not appreciate our differences? Drop stereotypes....drop the hate, the judgement. Love. Love like no other and love passionately. Love life. Because tomorrow is not guaranteed for anyone.

So those are my thoughts on the topic. This is another great reason to shop in SL, supporting a great cause! From top to bottom, I am showing off some wonderful creations. Furniture, clothes, accessories alllll snag worthy! Hopefully I will bump into many of you while shopping there and at the events! It's going to be a blast babeh!
Dark Passions seriously has become one of my fav places to get my nails done. DON'T miss her lil booth at World Goth Fair! I love loves the nails! here's a closer look at the ones I have on in my photos above...

See you soon my <3's!!
-World Goth Fair Taxi  Service-

Skin: Jalwa - Celine Skin Exclusive Makeup @ World Goth Fair
Hair: *~*Damselfly*~* Octotavia @ World Goth Fair (slightly edited in my photos)
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Sweety // Purple Eye
Tattoo: Reckless- Mistress of Evil @The Dark Style Fair
Manicure: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Slink Appliers - Ophelia's Secret @ World Goth Fair

Top: Sn@tch-Shanghai Corset @ World Goth Fair
Skirt: :::Sn@tch Mesh Vampira Velvet Skirt-All Colors
Armwarmers: Greymoon-Corsetted Paisley Armwarmers @ World Goth Fair
Heels: Bliensen + MaiTai - Morticia Shoes @ World Goth Fair
Belly Chain: POMPOSITY - Gothic Bitch Belly Chain

Necklaces: lassitude & ennui Ravenskull necklace and [LNS Designs] Captured Iron necklace @ World Goth Fair
Ring: :*:CPD:*: Lucretia Rings (Amaranthine)  @ World Goth Fair
Bat Wings (in my hair :o!): Sn@tch Gift Box-WGF 2014 (Freeeeeee!) (I resized them though!) @ World Goth Fair ~*Credits to my Dizzy for bats wings in the hair idea <3 *~

[Angelic Designs] [Forgotten Melody] Haunted Piano @ World Goth Fair
[Aneglic Designs] [Nevermore] Fantasy Raven Cage @ World Goth Fair

Top- Vibe Poses-Stands
Middle- Del May-Hoodoo
Bottom-- Del May- Head High 2

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