Sunday, April 26, 2015

"The world was ours. We could do everything or nothing. All it had to be was anything 'cause it was always us!"

Okay so yes, it took me a couple of days to finally blog all of this but oooooh my gosh! The amount of things that have taken my breath away at the Fantasy Faire...I just can't put into words. Admittedly, I was in fact overwhelmed. Like, where do you start with so much awesome? 
I love events in SL. But I love them even more when they serve a purpose.  If you're not sure what Fantasy Faire is about, please do inform yourself! Click on the link there and see why this event gives us all such a great reason to go shopping and snag some awesome things.
I was blown away with the Spires of Andolys sim, well all of the sims were lovely! This one has a  fairy tale theme going on. In my picture above, I am playing around in the Lost Boys hideout by DRD! Yep, no zombies or gore this round DRD lovers! It's all fairy tale stuff.
I was able to take a few pictures of some of the other things that caught my eye while there. So many awesome views so, I really do hope that you've went there to not only shop but enjoy the views!

{Taken Here}

This lovely caught my eye right away. I just loved the pose and well, she's a mermaid, need I say more?

{Taken Here}

I obviously had a blast playing with my pics in Photoshop but even without the editing, the scenes are flawless and will have your jaw dropping too. Promise! Also...we are 240K from hitting 3.5 MILLION linden! <--That is JUST in!

Okay, I have so much more to show, so little time. So see you all again soon!

Skin: [the Skinnery] Hilde - Bare face (champagne) @ Seasons Story
Hair: Truth Hair Bexley -  black & whites
Ears: Eclectica elf ears-fleshtones version
Eyes: Ikon Spectral Eyes - Wight
Face Make-Up: *~*HopScotch*~* Warpaint Masked @ Fantasy Faire

Head to Toe: [Gauze] The Alchemist - Female @ Fantasy Faire
This outfit includes top pieces and the pants and boots, also that gloves which have the hands attached. The hands right now are tintable but this will be updated later!

Eternal Dream - Lita 01 & 02 @ Fantasy Faire

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