Sunday, June 1, 2014

Splish-Splash! {DRBC Special}

{Both photos taken at Goodnight Photography}

It certainly is no secret that I kind of am in love with DRBC. I have been since the moment I walked in the little shop. So, I thought I would give you some info into the shop, in case you haven't familiarized yourself with this shop already. (Although if you're one of my followers, you're well acquainted with it!)

So I nudged Dizzy (DRBC owner) and asked her some questions, it went like...

Gia Nikai takes out pen and paper
Gia Nikai: So Dizzy...
diZzy Kit: YeSaH!
Gia Nikai: When was DRBC established?
Frost Kit: a long time ago in a mystical land far far away
Gia Nikai: its going in the blog unless you say off the record
Gia Nikai: Shup Frost
diZzy Kit: September 2012
Gia Nikai: What made you want to start the shop?
diZzy Kit: When I came back to Second Life after a break, there was a lack of rockabilly/psychobilly fashion, particularly in mesh, and I wanted my avatar to reflect my real life style (though dizzy is a much sharper dresser than I am these days!). I'd watched Frost as we hung out together and I was really interested in the idea of making unique things for my avatar to wear. Then other people liked it too - so that was just a really great bonus!
Gia Nikai: First thing you made and had available to sell?
diZzy Kit: The first thing I made was a black vinyl apron because that seemed like a perfect thing for a deahrocker bettie crocker to have in her inventory. The vinyl of the deathrock scene and the apron of the retro homemaker - perfect!

Gia Nikai: If you had to pick one of your outfits/creations that you think embodies all that DRBC is, which would it be?

diZzy Kit: Picking one would be next to impossible - but I would say that anything with my signature "Creature Feature" or "B-movie" prints is near and dear to me. I always loved monster - ever since I was little. I felt empathy for them. So that print was something I wanted to make a staple of the ::drbc:: line - from the very beginning.

Gia Nikai: What can we expect of DRBC this summer? any events?

diZzy Kit: Well I regularly participate in the wonderful ::Suicide Dollz:: event as well as the Gacha Garden from >Pre-Release<. With World Goth Fair and The Dark Style Fair wrapping up, I am looking to see which events to get involved in, but I'd like to focus on releases for the mainstore as well and really devote some time to the next thing for me and ::drbc::. I have plans - muhahahah! Stay tuned to find out what and when.
Frost Kit: ↘↘ɮıĜ  ɮ○○тץ ɮıтςнєѕ↙↙ <---he's so random, that's why we love him!

Also...New DRBC Groupie Gift!! Join and stay for updates on new releases, events and other awesomeness plus random freebies!

Skin: DeeTaleZ Skin A.T.W. Anouk Nordic (New)
Hair: !lamb. Cry Baby - Ink @ C88
Eyes: IKON Spectral Eyes - Wight
Manicure/Pedi: Dark Passions-Shades of Red (look for Dark Passions at Suicide Dollz this round too!)

Swim Suit: ::drbc:: bathing beauty - aloha girls @ Suicide Dollz
Hair Flowers: Glam Affair - Dahlia Headpiece Summer Incoming

Ma Vie. - Les Revenants 04
Laying Pose is Part of the setup at the Goodnight Photography location

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