Wednesday, July 23, 2014

She's A Brick Houuuse! {When Architecture Meets Fashion}

{Top photo shot here}
 {2nd Photo shot here}
 {^3rd Photo Shot here}
 {<4th Photo shot here}
{5th photo shot here>}

I know, I know...lotta pics but can you see why I simply had to?! And that's not even all the prints! I just picked my favs. I wanted a series of Architecture meets Fashion and I had a blast doing it!
This is a recent release by Skindustrial Bodyworks. Although this lil shop can be quiet for awhile, when it makes noise, it goes BOOM!
I absolutely love the unique textures used on this dress. It makes for so many ways to dress it up or dress it down!
I even had different songs playing for each pic, Lowrider for the top one obviously! I've featured Skindustrial Bodyworks in my blog before so I hope by now, many of you have familiarized yourselves with this shop. It really is a one stop place for skin, clothes, accessories and other stuff....and not just any skins, awesome skins, unique skins, RP skins with appliers! (and yus I am anxiously awaiting her next skin release so let's all bug her about it!)

Okay enough chatting from Gia, until next time luvs! <3

Skin: Pink Acid Skin - Annette - ALL Appliers - Latte @ Cosmetic Fair
Hair:*Soonsiki! #Summer *Blacks* @ My Attic
Eyes: IKON Perspective Eyes - Coffee
Eyebrows: {MOON}. Eyebrows
Eyeliner: elska - Love My Liners (Winged Out) @ N21
Lipstick: Pink Acid-  Pink Acid Shimmer Summer Gloss + LM Appliers - Berry
Mani/Pedi: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Kooky Spooky @ Cosmetic Fair (linked above)
Tattoo: .Reckless. - Conflicted @ N21 (linked above)

Dresses: Skindustrial Bodyworks Urban Dresses (top to bottom): SKBW Lowrider Dress, SKBW Graffiti Dress, SKBW Highrise Dress, SKBW Times Square Dress, SKBW Bricked Dress, SKBW Asphalt Dress
Heels: Reign-Malice Heels (limited Edition) @ Project Limited

(Top to Bottom):
1. Double Take: one more minute
2. Ma Vie - Aria 02
3. .::Morphine Store::.-Flexion 1.12
4. Ma Vie. - Girl Fever
5. Ma Vie - I Come With Knives 06
6. Del May-Sleeping Beauty

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