Sunday, August 31, 2014

Waiting On Player 2...

 {These photos taken at Missing Mile}

It's no secret I am a Gamer. 100%. In and out of SL, in other worlds, many worlds. You will find me in Guild Wars and Guilds Wars 2, many many Steam games and games that are no longer even available. Although I started on console, my heart was won over by PC Gaming. I know the age old argument of PC gaming vs. the end, we both simply have a love for gaming and we're all simply that...GAMERS!
One of my favorite genres is of course, Zombie Apocalypse type FPS, or in gamer speak...First Person Shooters (not frames per second this time kids!). Left 4 Dead so won me over and is one of those games I just never ever get tired of playing, Left 4 Dead 2 too of course.
Since Arcade is right around the corner, LITERALLY!!! It starts tomorrow and I am super excited!! When Death Row Designs is participating, I just get overly excited and then of course, Jaimy and her sister Eowyn are on top of the Gamer genre with these awesome accessories! Must haves people, MUST HAVES! When I went to Missing Mile to take these photos, I was approached by several people on where I got stuff from and it just made me all smiley. Arcade, arcade, arcade. Get there and grab it all. 
My outfit couldn't have been completed with out a lil Sn@tch. It's been too long since Sn@tch has visited the blog. Nobody complains about getting more Sn@tch! The shirt came in so many variations. Bloody, greasy, dirty. SO many ways to rock it out and the shorts are super cute! They come with an awesome belt that fits it perfectly (not featured) and they also came in a variety of prints. The Dirty Tanks are in the riot vendor at Sn@tch so bring several friends and drop that price!! 
See you all soon my luff n stuffs <3

Skin: Essences - Amaranth TSS04 *light rose*
Hair: *Soonsiki! Rat
Eyes:{S0NG} :: Mayday // Navy Eye
Tattoo: .Reckless. - Xue @ Swagfest
Manicure/Pedi: Dark Passions - Koffin Nails - Lil Cthulhu
Knee Ouchie: :Little Pricks: Banged Up Knees

Top: Sn@tch-Tequila Dirty Tanks
Shorts: Sn@tch-Lara Camo Shorts & Belt
Boots: DRD geekmania Stompers (These aren't a new release but random colors will be included in the Arcade packs) @ The Arcade
Belt: (top pic) DRD - geekmania - pouchbelt f  (Bottom pic) DRD - geekmania - gamerbelt @ The Arcade

Necklace: DRD - geekmania - neckwrap @ The Arcade
Bracelet: DRD - geekmania - gamedevice f @ The Arcade
Keyboard Leg Strap: DRD - geekmania - keyboard @ The Arcade
Backpacks: (top pic) DRD - geekmania - healthpack (bottom pic on floor) DRD - geekmania - pins n patches. (Bottom pic on table) DRD - geekmania - Survivalpack @ The Arcade
Septum: [whatever] Septum (previous TDR release)

Closies of the DRD badassery...

top: Del May - Rush Hour (variant)
bottom: ..::Vibe::.. - Get Low_04 (Get Low set)

:Cheeky Pea: Playing Games Console

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