Friday, January 15, 2016

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock Oh!

{Taken at Dysphoria}

Tick-tock, Tick-tock! I know! I heard the sound of the clock, the tapping of the nails, the tapping of the feet, the knocks at the door, the messages...but I am here my luvs! And yes I did in fact miss you! I missed my blog, I missed my inspiration! It has been such a hellish couple of months for me. I am trying my best to keep in touch and to hop back on this horse. It's hard to find inspiration though when your world is dimmed. I know some of you know exactly where I am coming from. The holidays are out the window now though so I've been able to get back to a more steady routine of being online and seeing all the awesomeness.
I couldn't help myself with the new Remarkable Oblivion at Epiphany! Wow what an event! Admittedly, gachas piss me off! I'm sorry, I can't word that any differently lol. I am sitting there pumping you full of my money, treat me to dinner or something damn it! Haha. I was able to snag some goodies though with not that much effort! Luck on my side? Maybeh! ALSO, and maybe I'm the only one here who was too excited and didn't read or something but I didn't know that most of the designers there placed their exclusives in their own shops so you don't have to go back over and over again to spend your points. Quick run down in case you haven't checked it out. The event is all about gachas. Once you've bought all the things, rezzed them out, you get a quick pop-up asking you if you want to keep your item or not (careful there!). If you choose not to keep it, you get a point. Rares give you more points. There are items available at this event that you can ONLY get with those extra points. I chose the Remarkable Oblivion Tea Party Table. Here is a nifty lil list of all the creators who have their exclusives out at their shops!
I'm also repping for Glam Affair in this one. One of the only skin places that can make me take off my mesh head and appreciate my system head haha. Gorgeous skin at Kustom 9! 
I also have a splash of FK! Designs as well. Awesome masks that seemed perfect to play the part of my Red Queen!
Okay luvs, I am still here, I still luv you, I will be back soon! <3

Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Skin: -Glam Affair - Sasha skin @ Kustom 9
Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Shocking hair - Blacks+Whites @ Collabor88
Eyes: [JOE SL] Gigi Mesh Eyes Grey
Tattoo: -7P- Wonderland Tattoo Applier

Dress: Remarkable Oblivion - Wonderland - Alice Dress @ Epiphany
Shoes: RO - Wonderland - Alices Shoes (Slink Med) @ Epiphany
Stockings: :AviCandy: Striped Lace [White]
Ears: RO - Wonderland - Rabbit Ears  @ Epiphany
Jewelry: :[Plastik]:- Soft Bunn Jewelry (A Fifty Linden Friday special)

..::Vibe::.. - "Have Several" Fatpack @ Cosmopolitan

Mad Hatter Hat: RO - Wonderland - Mad Hatter RARE @ Epiphany
Table: RO - Wonderland - The Tea Party -  Exclusive @ Epiphany
Cheshire: CURELESS+[n.i] aliceinmonsterland / 09 / thechesire @ Epiphany
Red Queen Collar: CURELESS+[n.i] aliceinmonsterland / 12 / queenscollar  @ Epiphany
Mask: FK! - Clown Masks
Cards: Boudoir Enchanted Playing Cards

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