Saturday, November 22, 2014

I'll Be Waiting For the End of My Broken Heart

{These Photos Taken at Pigeon Island}

Can I talk to you all as friends? Can I pretend that we're close...that we've been friends for years and I am writing you a letter? In the past few weeks, months...I've not been too honest with you. I've told you real life has kept me busy and I didn't go in depth with it and I don't really want to. I know you have your problems and I am but another person, I don't want to burden you...but I wanted to let you know I am dealing with a lot. Physically, mentally, emotionally. Winter is never the best time to be around me anyway. Maybe it's this place I live in, the lack of Vitamin D is real! Lol. Don't worry though I am taking massive supplements!
With everything going on, blogging has been so hard for me to do. Not for lack of anything, the images in my head are never lacking. If I could grab the images right out of my head, I'd have over a hundred blog posts a day! But being real in my posts has been a struggle and I want to always be that. I want to be just the same Gia that I was the day I posted Ms. Zombcakes for the world to see! But the Gia in front of you right now is a broken one and so that is what I am giving you. So I will try to be honest with you from now on, and maybe my pictures might seem odd or sad but if they are, know that I am allowing you a glimpse into my head and feel free to share hugs. <3 So moving on...

Sn@tch I love you so! For years I have followed this shop and Ivey (owner of Sn@tch) never seems to let me down. Constant new releases at such great prices, snaggables, fishing at the mainstore and of course the riot boards that we all love! And if you meet a newbie, make sure to send them there! She's got a killer packet that often tempts me to make a new avi randomly lol.

Avi Choice Awards voting has started and I was so surprised when a notecard was sent to me, informing me that I was nominated. Honestly I checked to see if it was a mistake or something. I don't know how that happened but to place me amongst some of the bloggers that I admire most for their talent and photography skills, I've already won. I'm just little Gia amongst a sea of bloggers, having fun showcasing some of my favs and talking about randomness so for someone to notice what I'm doing...I'm just beyond words. I am there, Sn@tch is there right along with so many others, so make sure to head over and vote for some of your favs. It's not like it's a trophy or anything...but like I always say, a smile is a smile, in real life or in SL! That smile is worth more than anything!
Vote right here!! ---->

Now look at my dress cuz it's damn gawgeous! Had to show off a bit o' Sn@tch in my blog every now and then <3 Comes in many sizes, comes in many colors, the dress that is lol. Definitely snag worthy!

Back soon with more my luff & stuffs! <3

Skin: .Atomic. {Song} Autumn - Sugar
Hair: little bones. Snow Spell II - Landslide @ The Secret Affair
Eyes: [Buzz] Voodoo Eyes - Fallen
Eyeshadow: #adored - heartbreaker eyeshadows - full pack @ Genre
Tears: [PF] Doll V2 <Crystal> - Eyeshadow (Tears I) & (Tears II)
Lipstick: NOX. Witchy Lips (Death)

Dress: :::Sn@tch Mesh Charmed Corset Gown-All Colors:::
Collar: ...::: Scrub :::... Like a Nun Collar SILVER
Gloves: :::Sn@tch FITMESH Siren Gloves w/Hand Pose Hud:::
Crown: [MUSE] Bride of the Apocalypse (Blood) @ Genre
Black Pearls: [TfAtN] Destined Queen Pearls - Black

*PosESioN* Tiny Set (This pose set is an exclusive for the Tiny Footprints Charity Event which runs till the 26th of this month. To find out more behind this charity read here and bring your tissues <3 while going to snag these amazing poses!)

*May's Soul* The crow. Satan crow